17 April 2010

A teabagger manifesto

This week a Texas-based tea party activist published the "Contract from America", a manifesto of the movement, listing three basic principles and ten agenda items adopted based on 450,000 votes cast on his website. A lot of it sounds like boilerplate or code -- for example, genuine "individual liberty" would include some of my own priority issues such as abortion rights, drug legalization, gun-ownership rights, etc., but this seems framed in such a way as to re-define "liberty" in purely economic terms. Still, check it out for yourself. The Crossed Pond comments here. Update: Mad Mike's America has some interesting info on the size of the movement.


Blogger Tim said...

I think it was Colbert of Stewart who said of the contract..
Just goes to show you they don't like to read. This is in reference to how many words you can use to make a bill.
No more than what's in the Constitution.
Oh Brother......
I posted the bill on my site for entertainment value....

17 April, 2010 10:53  

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