05 April 2010

Sergeant C speaks again

Sergeant C, the US Marine who wrote the dire warning to would-be insurrectionists which I linked here, has written a follow-up piece. There seems to be a problem with that link at the moment, but the entire text of the new essay (along with the old one) is re-posted at Just My Little Piece of the World.


Blogger DILLIGAF said...

That had quite an affect on me. I ended up singing Status Quo's 'In The Army Now'.

For me to acknowledge Status Quo exist it must have affected me!!

06 April, 2010 13:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's quite an effective piece.....I actually hadn't heard of a group called Status Quo, but now I know they exist too, thanks to your comment.....

06 April, 2010 14:03  
Blogger Kentucky Rain said...

I don't believe this. I know a number of real Marines and none, not one would ever make the following statement:

"So once again, I , an NCO of Marines, call on all people both military and civilian to exercise your Constitutional rights and participate in the democratic process. I urge you to stop reacting, and start instead thinking and considering. I urge you not to immediately dismiss opinions other than your own."

The first sentence is nonsense (I, and NCO, of Marines) and the balance of the paragraph appears to be written by someone who has little command of the English language. Sorry..Don't believe it.

06 April, 2010 18:21  
Blogger Tim said...

I wish someone like Olberman or Maddow
would read it on their shows. In fact have it read to Congress. They keep pushing and pushing with the incitement, rhetoric, and it could escalate into something we wish would have not.
Thanks for linking to the entire post.

07 April, 2010 00:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mad Mike: Lazersedge and Drew seemed to think the writing was authentic (see comments). I don't see why "I, an NCO of Marines" is nonsensical, nor do I see any grammatical errors in the rest of the paragraph -- so I don't see your point. Also, Sgt. C seems to be an established regular writer at the Newsvine site.

Tim: Maybe they will. These articles are getting spread around the internet a fair bit.

07 April, 2010 02:49  

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