13 April 2010

Predators at bay in Connecticut

The Connecticut state legislature is considering a bill which would remove the statute of limitations from child-molestation cases -- that is, it would allow victims to sue regardless of how much time has passed since the crime (though victims over 48 when they sue would still face certain limitations). One major organization is fighting tooth and nail to stop this bill from passing. Care to guess which organization it is? Oh, hell, there's no need for guessing, is there -- you know as well as I do that it can only be the Catholic Church (link sent by Mendip).

The Church has issued a letter to its Connecticut parishioners declaring that the law would put "all Church institutions, including your parish, at risk" and that it would "undermine the mission of the Catholic Church in Connecticut, threatening our parishes, our schools, and our Catholic Charities." Gosh -- all the Church's insti-tutions in the state and everything it does would be endangered by making it easier for molestation victims to sue? Those closets must be even more bulging with skeletons than we thought!

This letter, and another official statement meant to be read out during Sunday Mass, urge parishioners to contact the legislature and oppose the bill. Let's hope that the Catholic laity have seen the reality of their warped priesthood and will disobey.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

I realize how serious of an issue this is .... however Guy .... I couldnt stop laughing my ass off reading this .... sorry ya'll!

Later Guy .........

13 April, 2010 05:34  
Blogger Holte Ender said...

Reality has never been one of the traits of the Catholic church, of any church for that matter.

13 April, 2010 06:40  
Blogger One Fly said...

I guess the mission then is to ensure there are no obstacles put in the way of priest rape.

13 April, 2010 06:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: It's one of those "if you don't laugh you'll cry" deals.

HE: Reality is catching up with them, but they're running as fast as they can.

1F: True, the statement makes a lot more sense with a more realistic view of what the "mission" is.

13 April, 2010 06:58  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

I wonder what impact this has had on RC membership. We will probably never know the truth to that one either.

13 April, 2010 07:16  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

This is the funniest damn photo I've seen in awhile at jobsanger:


13 April, 2010 07:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TNLib: Well it's certainly led to a collapse of Church influence in ireland. I know of Catholics in the US who are seriously wrestling with their relationship with the Church.

If not many of the Connecticut laity heed the call to contact the legislature and oppose the bill, that'll tell us something.

As for the photo, I think that's the most appropriate place for the thing. I just wish the whole Vatican could be fitted in there.

13 April, 2010 07:56  
Blogger dotlizard said...

The nerve. The absolute unmitigated gall. Where in the hell do they find such nerve? I'm serious. And ... is there any parishioner anywhere who would be worried that people who RAPED CHILDREN might suffer for their actions? Oh no, pedophiles might be arrested and put in prison! Bummer! We must act to prevent this!

If anyone does speak out on behalf of letting the priests get away with it, I think they should be considered accessories after the fact. Of course they won't, but, it's a nice thought.

13 April, 2010 22:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

GL: I honestly get the impression that the Catholic clergy has lived so long in this insulated bubble in which child molestation is quietly accepted as a norm, that they are really having a lot of trouble assimilating the fact that it genuinely isn't seen that way in the mainstream culture. It's the only thing that makes sense out of their succession of staggeringly tone-deaf responses to the scandals.

14 April, 2010 01:27  

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