17 April 2010

Link roundup for 17 April 2010

What if our laws really were based on the Ten Commandments?

A Swedish prisoner vents his unhappiness with the guards.

Maybe this means pizza causes mutations (found via Mendip).

Health-care reform drives out capitalism.

Teabagger Barbie needs work. Update: The "original" teabagger Barbie art was pilfered from Blag Hag's atheist Barbie.

China is trying to encourage entrepreneurship, but this boy may have taken things a bit far.

The "Pascal's wager" case for religion can have complicated results.

Support the Yorkshire free willy campaign!

An illustrator creates a badass alphabet (found via Mendip).

Texas beware -- Osama is after your goats.

Teabaggers plan to start policing themselves to exclude racist and nutty elements.

Obama insists financial re-regulation must get "derivatives" under control. Republicans are firmly in Wall Street's pocket.

Green Eagle finds the teabags of April 15 limp and soggy.

Rand Paul's strong showing in the Kentucky Republican Senate primary illustrates divisions on the right.

Obama is interviewed for Australian TV about Afghanistan, global warming, and China (found via The Quiet Magpie).

Russia's President Medvedev assesses Obama. More here.

Tension over immigrants in already-densely-populated Britain may impact next month's election there.

Catholicism isn't the only religion with molesters.

The Atheist Camel refuses to cast pearls before swine.

Black Sun Journal looks at Easter in a world of collapsing religion.

Stunning video shows water buffalo fighting lions to rescue a calf.

"Near-death experiences" correlate with carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream.

Stars died that we might live.

London will host a major transhumanist conference next weekend, with Aubrey de Grey as one of the speakers.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

No amount of clean up is going to help the Tea Baggers this late in the day. They've already made their mark with their ugly signs and rhetoric and I don't think anyone is going to take their obviously politically motivated "change of heart" very seriously.

I always enjoy your link roundup.

17 April, 2010 07:06  

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