10 April 2010

Link roundup for 10 April 2010

Only Jon Stewart and the Onion can do any justice to the Catholic Church's handling of the molestation-cover-up scandals.

Bill Maher looks at 2009's ridiculous Republicans (found via Sue).

Palin likes 'em invisible.

Gay Jesus isn't welcome in Fort Worth.

The Pope can't evade responsibility.

The latest Pigasus Awards for achievement in crackpottery have been announced.

Yikes! Save us from the smoke of Hell!

There's a new Barbie doll out -- and there should be another.

An unbeatable combination: chocolate, rock & roll, and a gorilla.

One Fly of Outta the Cornfield has a new landscape photo blog.

Sometimes the kid wins: Ranch Chimp tells of a molestation-free (but not sinless) Catholic childhood.

Sam Harris discusses religious "morality" as a distraction from real morality.

Handed lemons, Constance McMillen makes lemonade.

ZJ looks at the six biggest moral failings of God (amazing he was able to narrow it down to just six).

Unregulated water supplies pose a public health challenge.

Jack Cassell, the Florida urologist who famously tells pro-Obama voters to go elsewhere because he's mad about the new health law, doesn't seem to know what it actually says.

Obama is demanding action on improving mine safety.

Is the Tea Party movement politically mainstream? Not really.

Tarryl Clark is running against Michele Bachmann for her seat in Congress.

A former top aide to Colin Powell says that Bush knew hundreds of Guantánamo detainees were innocent.

A godless nation is a healthy nation.

The President of Poland has been killed in a plane crash in Russia.

Four Dinners looks at next month's British election.

A priestly-molestation hotline in Germany was overwhelmed with calls on its first day in operation.

Here's more on Irish reactions to the Pope's molestation "apology".

American Black Chick in Europe looks at the top five European misconceptions about Americans.

A gory crucifixion re-enactment frightens children in Australia.

The unconscionable thing about that "collateral murder" incident in Iraq was not the soldiers' actions but the military's cover-up.

Greece is on the brink of economic collapse (hmm, it seems like we've been hearing that for several weeks now).

Triton, a moon of Neptune, has seasons (found via Mendip) -- but all of them are cold and last more than 40 years.

The new era of healthy longevity will transform the world.


Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful collection - thanks! Atheist Barbie rocks!

10 April, 2010 05:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks! I liked Atheist Barbie too!

10 April, 2010 05:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

Beautiful here on the Ranch ... sunny, dry 55/75 today.

"Prop 8 Trial Tracker" post about gay Jesus, I never even heard a thing about.I figure someone else though will pop up and show it, they ought to try the Dallas side of town, amongst local's in DFW, Fort Worth is commonly called either "The Cheap side of Dallas" or "CowTown,USA". The "threat's"? Well as long as people keep backing down in fear every time one of these flea bag's from some local ratshit nearby town's make's threat's ...well frankly .... they will keep making threat's ... they tend to feel like some of us that are liberal on thing's like art's in the cities are all liberated pussies, and we will crouch in fear to their ass ... some of us wont, I mean ... fuck with me and I'll be on their ass like flies on day old shit. We dont go to their town's and whine about their crap, they should stay out of our business too.

"Ragebot's" piece lil ole piece on "Hurt the Sinner" is short, clear, and to the point. No one is assuming responsibility for this stuff, apologies simply dont cut it, or pay-off's. That's one of the downside's that I bellyache all the time about, from the church, to the corporation's to gvmnt's. None seem to ever be accountable for their action's .... none .... name one. Simple. And the same show episode # gazillion is happening here ... they act, then rattle the jaw's about their sorry. Until folk's start to nail these entities, including the pope, were just gonna get same ole shit in new pop culture packaging. I cant blame these entities, we act too frail at time's as a society to be honest. That's just my opinion.

That piece ole Mr.Mendip dug up on the season's on Triton was really nice! This last week there was a brand new video documentary shown on PBS about telescope's in space, including a bunch on those giant binocular's off in the Arizona desert, Hubble and the rest of the gang! Awesome, kick ass photo footage deep in space, I cant recall the title of the video, but it wouldnt be hard to find just clicking onto PBS programming. I just wish if we could bring back anybody from the dead with new technologies one day .... we could bring back folk's like ole Galileo, Newton and other's from that posse, so they could see what they started!

Science Daily' piece on water supplies was interesting. I try not to think much of it though, but wish those in charge would,I cant recall when I last drank tap water, I buy bottled water by the case .... 2 to 4 cases at a time, and alway's have about a dozen or so cold bottles in the fridge. But now I wonder, because I eat out most of the time .... and alway's order a glass of water with my meal's, so now I wonder if I should order "bottled" water?, and how sure can I even be of that? .... oh well.

"Outta the Cornfield" collection of photo's was absolutely incredible work!! That shit just make's me want to jump in a vehicle and drive around the nation for a couple month's! NO WORK .... ALL LEISURE.

Mr.Oliver Willis' piece on Obama demanding answer's .... GOOD!! I was on one of the blog's here the other day, and a post that talked about some GOP guy that said the this administration was "radical", now I DO agree there .... just in a different sense ...."radical" being .... is this is the first time I seen in decade's an administration actually doing some goddamn work, and earning their paycheck's! that's what's radical!

I got to shower and run down to San Marcos, which is about a lil over a couple miles south between Austin and San Antonio, got to work today, while most of ya'll got the day off I reckon, but at least the weather is nice for the drive! Weekend's are my biggest sale day's in my line of work.

Later Guy ....

10 April, 2010 08:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Fort Worth is commonly called either "The Cheap side of Dallas" or "CowTown,USA".

Maybe someday it'll move up to become one of those one-horse places?

We dont go to their town's and whine about their crap,

People like that probably don't have anything worth whining about:-)

It would be great if we could bring Galileo back to show him he won in the end -- those moons of Jupiter he discovered, that the orthodoxy of the time said couldn't exist -- we've sent space probes to them now. He'd be amazed, and pretty happy about it.

10 April, 2010 09:38  

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