20 March 2010

Link roundup for 20 March 2010

The Galaxy Song puts things in perspective.

If you're using the internet to look for work, watch out for scams.

Ragebot explains the headlines.

Wear a sweater today in honor of a nice man.

Oklahoma state senator Steve Russell wants his state to refuse to cooperate with a federal law protecting gays -- even if it means destroying evidence (sent by Mendip).

Liberal America is real America.

Here's how low some of modern conservatism has sunk.

A regular and always eye-popping feature on Green Eagle blog is the Wingnut Wrapup, consisting of quotes from right-wingers with commentary from GE. The most recent examples are here, here, and here. As with a train wreck, you won't be able to look away, and GE never seems to lack for material.

Teabaggers are confused on taxes (found via Dissenting Justice).

Retired US General John Sheehan speaks nonsense.

The AARP and the AMA endorse the health-care reform bill.

Conservative writer Debbie Schlussel investigated Sean Hannity's "Freedom Alliance" charity for wounded soldiers, with startling findings: "But it’s all a huge scam.....less than 20% – and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively – of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses....." Found via The Crossed Pond, where the comments thread mostly argues the contrary. Either Hannity or Schlussel is going to suffer a major loss of credibility.

Here's more religious bullying of atheists, this time in Poland, and a reminder of what real evil is.

John Loftus discusses child sacrifice in the Bible.

In the struggle against Islam, women in the Third World have a critical role.

The Jordanian regime acts to strip some Palestinian refugees of their citizenship. Green Eagle notes: "I predict that there will be barely a word of protest against this behavior, even among those who are first in line to savage Israel for far less objectionable acts." Me too.

"If you aren’t regularly stricken by how much more you know now than you did six months ago, what’s the point?"

ZJ looks at the anti-gay crackpot group Mass Resistance.

Pandagon explains the difference between skeptics and denialists.

Swimming with dolphins may not be good for them.

Robotics allows doctors to help where they can't be physically present (found via Mendip).

One gene could be crucial to allowing humans to regenerate limbs.


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