16 January 2010

Link roundup for 16 January 2010

Rare "snow rollers" appear in Britain (found via Mendip).

Jon Stewart takes on the underwear bomber.

Could TSA body scanners raise money for the government?

ZOMG LOL -- the fall of Eve gets the texting treatment.

I guess these people needed to lose a bit more weight.

Europe lacks excitement, but that's not so bad.

Boyanka Angelova performs an amazing ball ballet.

Majority of Two contrasts the illusion and reality of smoking.

K-rina's latest video tackles anti-gay prejudices.

The Obama administration's first year has been full of important accomplishments (must-see).

Obama's fiscal policy contrasts dramatically with Bush's.

Parsley's Pics looks back at hurricane Katrina (be sure to read all the comments).

Bill Clinton is not in hiding.

Roger Ebert responds to Limbaugh (found via The Crossed Pond).

Belief in faith healing claims yet another victim (natural selection in action).

The kleptocracy that caused, and also profited from, the Bush recession has a history.

The Christian Right will be well represented at next month's Tea Party National Convention.

Ugandan fundamentalists are determined to push ahead with their draconian anti-gay law.

Google stands up to the thuggery of the Beijing gangster-regime.

Britain bans Anjem Choudary's Muslim-extremist organization. Next it needs to deal with this.

Most Afghans are optimistic about the future, and support for a Taliban restoration has fallen to 6%.

Muslims in Malaysia riot over Christians using the word "Allah".

The celebrated "Earth-like" planet CoRoT-7b probably started out as a gas giant.

The sea slug Elysia chlorotica can do something no other known animal can do -- photosynthesize, like a plant. Even more amazing, it acquired this ability by assimilating genes from plants it ate into its own genome.

Arctic tundra melting due to global warming is releasing increa-sing levels of methane, a greenhouse gas (found via Politics Plus).

An ancient South American fertilizer could help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Robots are the future of warfare, and Israel is leading the way.

A test developed in Britain may be able to diagnose Alzheimer's twenty years before it strikes.

There doesn't need to be a last day.


Blogger Rita said...

Interesting story about the Gladestone boy, even if it is a year old. My brother who lives in Forest Grove & works for a large Portland Roofing company, says they frequently have to deal with employees from some of those types of religious sects, when they get hurt on the job.
Apparently, Oregon is a haven for these kinds of faith healing sects.
When i was a Christian I knew several fundamentalist christian people who moved to Oregon because of the laws pertaining to Homeschooling.
I'm guessing it's the same thing that brings the Faith healers here?

16 January, 2010 09:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Oregon may have attracted eccentrics for the same reason California has -- when people were running west away from the more settled part of the country to find a less structured place to do their own thing, the coast was as far as they could go.

Oregon seems more tolerant of eccentrics than most places, and with its very liberal cities and often quite conservative rural areas, there's a niche for almost everybody.

16 January, 2010 09:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Greeting's Sir Infidel!

Good job on the line-up ... a couple here I particularly grabbed.

Actually this anti age movement, or this CAA and the like's ... I feel may even make progress more quicker than some may realize. And all this stem cell research and understanding DNA is one of the biggest( or the biggest) goddamn achievement's in our entire history .... this is so huge, and will really put a new face on life, longevity, and using our brain's more than our genital's and reproductive way's.

Science Daily's pick's you posted really nice ... and yes ... robotic tech battle is a plus .... and definitely the way to go, I like that ... about "Israel" being in a "bad neighborhood" heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I hope jihad sypathizer's from the west dont find that offensive. One thing is that as nation's like US and Israel and other allies move up tech defensive wise... I also hope that we can tighten up our security, across the board. We know by now that once we create ANY new tech's ... it isnt long before those who are out to get us learn how to be more efficient, utilizing what WE made.

CommonDreams.org piece from Politic's Plus had really caught my eye ... because for long I been wondering about this along with other problem's, why do you think I been ranting about this so long? I have had folk's (of course, conservative) think that I am some kind of paranoia freak who hug's goddamn tree's. This isnt me though. Much of this global warming get's my attention for various reason's .... first because of how delicate life is as we know it with the current eco way's that we have totally evolved under along with million's of other species for million's of year's. Another thing not exactly related ... but of concern ...we seem to mine and drill dry everything from this earth ... now common sense without even being science-literate will tell me that when you extract so much something has to replece that space ... heh? compounded with the constant motion of shelf's and continent's,heavy new/massive fresh water deposit's into the ocean's, I almost feel like all this connected could cause more shifting, volcano's, tsunami's, or even earthquake's ... but that's just me. So this whole methane gas thing doesnt suprise me a bit, unfortunately I been expecting to see these type's of reaction's. I am NOT a tree hugger .... I just enjoy living.

Enjoyed CoRoT7b and Biochar as well ....

Thanx Guy ...........

17 January, 2010 07:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

and using our brain's more than our genital's

Now that truly would be a miracle.....

it isnt long before those who are out to get us learn how to be more efficient, utilizing what WE made.

I don't think that has historically been the case. Jihadists usually use very low-tech weapons (box cutters on 9/11, for example). The Arab conventional armies that have repeatedly attacked Israel used guns and tanks, but far less skillfully and efficiently than the Israelis did, which is why the Israelis kept winning.

I hope jihad sypathizer's from the west dont find that offensive.

As John Cleese said, there are those whom one would wish to offend.....

17 January, 2010 12:15  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I wasnt actually directing that to weaponry alone,more toward's technologies. But I also would be very cautious there as far as what they may do or capabilities, I said "tech's" ... piece's of modern technologies used to advance their causes, they now have a whole buffet of new suicide bombing prospect's to scout and recruit because of it, looking at how useful the internet became for group's that are jihadist, look at the type's of explosive device's they been using for plane bomb's to roadside mine's, cell phone detonation device's, etc. I have no doubt that if and when they ever had/have the opportunity to hire folk's that are high tech savvy on anything, any of us create, or anyone they can hire for weapon's knowledge they will do so. There are some who look at Pakistan's nuclear weapon as "Allah's Bomb" or similar .... how they would love to get their paw's on some of the toy's and device's we make.

Thanx Guy ......

17 January, 2010 15:06  

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