24 January 2010

Doing the right thing

From their side: Cindy McCain poses for a pro-gay-marriage ad. (Update: a conservative blogger posts on this here.)

From our side: Jon Stewart schools Keith Olbermann about his intemperate comments on Scott Brown.


Blogger Sue said...

wow, I never liked Cindy McCain, but speaking out like her daughter does is admirable. I like Meghan, BTW.

As for Jon Stewart and Olbermann, that was just plain hilarious!!

24 January, 2010 13:07  
Blogger Mike said...

... But I think libhom (@ godlessliberalhomo) has some good points about Stewart's bit. Stewart seemed a bit tone-deaf on some of the issues.

24 January, 2010 13:16  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Hilarious video.

24 January, 2010 18:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Stewart getting a little more bipartisan in his skewering.

The guy is funny, even when he goes after people I like.

This is why free speech is so important. The Meany Corporation (or the Feral Government) can spend millions trying to propagandize us, but people like John Stewert and the Colbert Report quickly and effectively cut through the BS.

It is unfortunate that comedians now do the job the press used to do, but here we are...

25 January, 2010 05:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It would at least be symmetrical if the MSM would start doing the job comedians used to do, but they're probably not up to it.

25 January, 2010 07:18  

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