21 November 2009

Ich muß hungrig sein

Earlier I linked to a couple of music videos by Nina Hagen. Here are a few more samples of the unique Ms. Hagen's work.

Antiworld: From her Jesus period. The video is a collection of images from many performances.

Zarah: A conventional treacly love song, Hagenized.

Auf'm Friedhof (At the Cemetery): Her vampire song. Gott ist tot!

Herman ist high: The fate of a junkie.

Pillow Talk: I actually hadn't seen this one before -- thanks to Rita for pointing it out. That's Heino again at the beginning.

Wir leben immer noch (We're Still Alive): The tune is from Lene Lovich's Lucky Number, but the song is completely different.

Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo (At the Zoo Station): Probably best not to explain this one.

Guten Appetit!


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting viewing the Hagen video's, not much familiar with her music actually, but have some on audio tape.She has some great talent though and style!

Thanx ....

21 November, 2009 15:12  

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