25 April 2009

Link roundup for 25 April 2009

Want to proclaim your love of tofu? Be careful.....

If I were planning a road trip through the Middle East, I'd get a car here. Sent by Ranch Chimp.

Mein Kampf is becoming popular among Indian business students, who see it as a "success story where one man can have a vision, work out a plan on how to implement it and then successfully complete it." Uh, how successfully did that conquest of the Soviet Union work out again? Found via Mendip.

On cutting government spending, Conor Friedersdorf and his commenters have some concrete suggestions.

Charles Blow gives us a useful counterpoint to the hysterics over the recent DHS report on right-wing extremism (a Bush-era FBI report, for example, raised similar issues). Found via a comment here, though other comments sadly illustrate my earlier point that some of PUMA-dom has gone off the deep end. Extremism is a real danger (found via DemWit) and the far right is raising its profile in Idaho, though most locals aren't too welcoming.

There's more craziness in the right-wing blogosphere than anyone could keep up with, but Sadly No is trying valiantly. Here's a good example of their work.

Voting rights are under attack in Florida again.

Republican Senate leader John Cornyn thinks it will be "real hard" to stop Democrats from reaching the crucial 60-seat threshold in 2010.

I haven't had anything to say yet about the recent revelations on torture under the Bush administration, because I'm still digesting the implications. Hilzoy has some cogent comments, and Andrew Sullivan has been covering the issue in depth.

Citizen Warrior has an interesting analogy about Islam, making use of one of my favorite movies.

Ex-Muslim and opponent of Islam Mark Gabriel has had to cancel a visit to the Netherlands due to death threats.

French Muslims march in protest against their local mosque's rector -- he's too moderate.

The Durban II Israel-bashing-fest seems to have been a fiasco. More here, by Michael Totten.

India has a new high-tech eye in the sky to watch the jihadists.

The North Korean threat has re-opened the question of a Japanese nuclear deterrent.

The numbers B-14594 and B-14595 served as the keys to a strange and emotional reunion.

Check out this hyperkinetic illustration of the difference between "Biblical science" and real science (I particularly liked seeing ribosomes in action). Found via Counting Cats.

California researchers are perfecting artificial blood vessels. Found via Fight Aging.

British scientists have developed an embryonic-stem-cell-based cure for blindness caused by macular degeneration. Given the demand which will exist once this is known to be safe, I suspect it will be generally available sooner than the six-year time frame mentioned in the article.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

First of all ... I want to compliment you on this "Link Round-Up". It's kind of like a household name now. I refer to it personally as "Infidel's Weekly Report" actually...lot's of good pieces compiled.

"The American Scene" post/blog ... I liked that!

"Mein Kampf" actually adorned my book shelf for year's...I have the hard cover. :) But I found I must have patience when I read it year's ago...why? Because to be frank ... I found much of it boring. I just have it for my small collection ... I find Ragnar Redbeard's "Might is Right" a lil more exciting, or even Anton Szandor LaVey's "Satanic Bible" amongst other's I have... so that pretty much is the Ranch Chimp's grade on Mein Kampf. :)

"The Progress Report" .. Heh,heh,heh ...well... right wing extremist's, left wing, no wing's, or barbeque wing's.... I reckon many of us get angry at times. This remind's me of the Satanic Cult crap of the 1980's as far as the FBI searching for evidence. If someone commit's a crime...convict them...it's simple ... but hearsay is not evidence. If this was the case... I could say that half the people I met and associated with in my life were "potential extremist's" ...or the "Nation of Islam" is extremist's...I could go on and on ... so what's popular in 2009 ...so called "white group's"? what's next..."black" or "hispanic" group's? People get angry and vent that anger through their voice many times... I simply call it "opinion".Danger? Every time I cross the street I'm in danger of getting ran down ... no big deal heh, and many ought to take good advice and leave well enough alone.....if they truely cherish safety. Every goddamn man and woman who fought to defend this goddamn country has my respect ... and I will not condemn based on hearsay or who one socializes with...it's a free country...and we like to keep it that way, even if other's prefer to take it up the ass! I'll shut up now.

I think ole Sen.John Cornyn has a point ... so he's got his work cut out for him ..."work" being a word that is taboo these day's in Washington. republican's had every chance in the book to play their hand better...they made their own bed here. Actually I was looking forward to Sen.Kay Bailey Hutchison running for Governor of Texas... I was planning on voting for her. We have a problem here in Texas that just popped up over the last few year's as well ... it appear's that every major metro area 2009 is turning blue, and the fact is...as I said before ... that if this continue's ... I have no doubt that Texas will go into the "blue" category on the national chart's probably in 4/5 year's ... the only thing keeping this state red has mostly been the rural area voting and the smaller cities. I have nothing against liberal's at all...I voted straight liberal in the national. But Texas is a different ballgame for me ... I and many other's here can live damn good for little money and tax... and I been all over the nation... so I know how that work's. I love PDX (Portland)for instance ... but I know that I could not live like I do here, there for the same cost's, and even the job market's in them cities are worse ... at least for now.I am between again... a rock and a hard place... since I am pro-choice and pro-SS marriage as well, for me ... it's a selfish decision I made. I hope to see us convince the right to abandon the simple morality issue's and go with reason and fairness over time .. but it wont be easy, or preferably just abandon all this left/right nonsense.

Concerning the torture interrogation's. As I stated year's ago...these action's will cause future problem's any way you slice it. But I agree with Sen. McCain on this 110% with his interview with CNN a couple day's ago. he said that basically... these folk's were simply taking order's based on the info they had...and it's over... they should not be put to trial as criminal's, it was just a mistake... let's forget it...we cant change it... and make sure it doesnt happen again.

BTW ... great news artificial blood vessel's. heh,heh,heh ... even dope fiend's can cheer on that one ... I can picture a advertisement for them... "Sick of taking that late night bump on that same ole abscessed and calloused spot? try some of our new vein's! ... and this week ... we have a special...buy one... get one free alongside it, for that late night back-up when, you just cant, say NO... and we do have special plan's and take state disability as well ... call today!" :)

Later Guy............

25 April, 2009 07:49  
Blogger tina FCD said...

That's exciting about the blind.

25 April, 2009 16:26  

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