18 April 2009

Link roundup for 18 April 2009

College Humor takes a funny, but painfully accurate, look at internet comments.

See some interesting before-and-after photos (found via Mendip).

Now this is bad driving.

If you have to fly, fly United -- you're less likely to be squashed.

From Russia: a monument to the victims of September 11.

Here's an interesting rundown of the religiosity of European countries. The percentage figure is for people answering "no" to "Does religion occupy an important place in your life?", so the higher a country ranks on the list, the less religious it is.

Britain's Treasury head and many independent analysts expect economic recovery there to start by year-end; prospects for the eurozone countries could be more dire.

Xinhua reports that an attempted Somali pirate attack on Chinese ships has been thwarted by dolphins (found via Nancy). Exit Zero reports a great idea for dealing with pirates.

FiveThirtyEight has a collection of neutral estimates of attendance at this Wednesday's tea parties; total turnout was somewhat over 300,000, concentrated in the South. Interesting thoughts here.

The Crossed Pond takes a sensible look at gays in the military.

"That is why we resisted" -- conservative stances in 1957 and today.

Here's another parody of that "storm" anti-gay-marriage ad; Colbert has one too. But this anti-gay ad seems to be serious (it's getting hard to tell) -- if so, reality has caught up with this.

"Burn the books!" Stupid Evil Bastard has a report from the far-right lunatic fringe (many evidently not Republicans, despite the post title) -- be sure to watch both videos. Some on the Christian Right are conceding defeat, but I'm not relaxing -- that "awash in evil" crack is aimed straight at me and people like me.

Further evidence of unhingement on the right is the odd hinting at secessionism from a few officials in Texas, such as Tom DeLay, who is mistaken about the state's relative economic position. According to Rasmussen (found via Papamoka), 18% of Texans would vote to secede. States can't, in fact, secede -- we settled that in 1861-1865 -- but if those 18% don't like living in the US, they're free to emigrate to somewhere they might find more congenial.

Speaking of people who ought to go somewhere else, some groups are calling for illegal aliens to boycott the 2010 census.

Johann Hari looks behind the fa├žade of Dubai.

Afghan women protesting their country's new "marital rape" law meet a hostile reception. The cleric behind the law explains that it doesn't allow men to actually rape their wives, just starve them into submission.

Julian Sanchez has a fascinating discussion of why fallacious arguments can seem more convincing than valid ones.

Global warming is hitting Australia hard.

Efforts to protect orangutans face many challenges.

Research in Israel could lead to a cure for deafness.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The "Crazy Orange County pursuit" Heh,heh,heh...I was watching that live as it was going down on CNN, and I must compliment the gal who was driving that? ...what looked like a Scion or something? The way they are designed....it is hard to handle without flipping at high speed's. But this ole gal on a 1-10...I give a high 10!! A gal like that would make me just fall in love.Her manuevering was 2nd to none, and at a speed of 100mph was really something... Whew!! She had my adrenaline going in high gear! She was even using emergency blinker's and signal's... I drive on DFW freeway's daily... between 90 to 100mph...along with several other's here...on outskirt freeway's such as that...most of us dont even use our signal's/blinker's. She was full of fire...damn...I'd like to meet that gal! Would I want to be in the vehicle with her driving like that? Damn straight!,she's good!

That was pretty impressive about the Rusian 9/11 monument.... nope ...hadnt heard a damn thing about it before this post, looked pretty damn good as well, artistically speaking!

Looking at the survey about "Does religion occupy an important part of your life?" I couldnt stop laughing when I looked down the chart at places like Turkey! :)
As for me...it does occupy an important part of my life ... since I am force fed and crammed with it's BS issue's daily on this goddamn internet! :)

I am one of those...I reckon 18% who would vote if I could to secede Texas from the US. Actually I dont see why folk's panties would get in a bind over it? I love the USA...and would still stand by her 110%. I just dont see why anyone in any other state would even care? I hear comment's all the time trashing Texas from all over the nation...some even say up in your neck of the wood's to give us back to Mexico, Texas isnt very popular or loved if you hadnt noticed. :) Many around the country would love to see us on our own. You yourself just commented here something that is like...if you dont love it leave it...what do you mean? Should we all(Texan's) go to Mexico? Heh,heh,heh ..I am staying right where I'm at Bubba. But all caca aside... I would figure most of the country would love to see Texas secede.

Thank You Sir.......

18 April, 2009 08:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

You yourself just commented here something that is like...if you dont love it leave it...what do you mean?

Not Texans -- secessionists. I don't care what state they're in. If they don't like being in the United States, they can move.

Thanks for visiting.

18 April, 2009 12:28  

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