11 April 2009

Link roundup for 11 April 2009

If you need someone to call 911 for you, just hope it's not this guy.

This video is actually from a few years back and nothing to do with the current "tea parties". But it's funny!

You may have seen that vomitous "storm" ad against gay marriage -- now check out Sadly No's version, "Night of teh Living Gheys". Background on the original ad here (sent by Ranch Chimp) -- what I can't figure out is how NOM managed to spend $1,500,000 on that piece of crap. According to the report, 44% of Americans now favor gay marriage, which is pretty encouraging since just a few years ago it was about 25%.

After a long haitus, Jabberwock has another Chick dissection up.

South Carolina resident Mary Sue Merchant's death was not noticed for 18 months -- "not even when the house was sold for back taxes while her decomposing body lay inside.".

Perhaps this is Bush's true legacy: only 53% of Americans now say capitalism is better than socialism, while 20% believe socialism is better. Adults under 30 are almost evenly divided. Michael Boh comments: revolution is coming. More here.

Sometimes delusional far-right-wingers are funny. Sometimes they're scary. See what I mean here and here and here. The last time this kind of mentality was rampant, it culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing. There are already signs that it's turning violent again.

Another milestone on the way to economic recovery: the banking crisis is over.

As the worm turns, Cannonfire throws down the liberal gauntlet to the Obamatardosphere.

Americans are less supportive of gun control than ever (found via DemWit).

Here's an intriguing strategy for keeping business in a community: local currencies. Which raises the question: if Pittsboro, NC can fight recession by having its own currency, then why can't, say, Germany do the same?

British authorities have thwarted a major Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester. Links with Pakistan are suspected.

Danish taxis drivers have had so many problems with Somali Muslim passengers that most now refuse to take them, despite the risk of legal penalties. Meanwhile, Denmark's Prime Minister, in Turkey, bluntly refuses to apologize for the Muhammad cartoons.

A US-born, Harvard-educated Muslim cleric supports Islam's mandatory death penalty for any Muslim who leaves the religion.

Rightists like to ask why feminists don't attack Islamic misogyny. Well, some do.

Not all evangelical Christians are right-wingers (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Christopher Hitchens and Ken Blackwell debate the decline of American Christianity.

Reading the net on the job makes you more productive. I'd say this is already intuitively obvious to any office worker -- and impossible to convince any manager of.

George Will is still being raked over the coals for distorting science.

The evidence is clear: getting fat makes you dumber.

Besides its obvious human benefits, radical life extension will pay economic dividends.

Mary Madigan assesses some current technology pointing the way to the Singularity.

I've long argued that global warming should be tackled via a planetary-engineering approach, rather than by trying to change deep-rooted habits of whole populations (unlikely to help much, even if possible). Apparently Obama is also considering such options. Andrew Sullivan has other ideas.

This new high-tech laser gun can kill millions of disease-spreading mosquitos in a matter of minutes -- without harming other insects or the rest of the environment (found via Exit Zero).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just a few comment's before I hit the street...

Loved the Redneck call for 911! :) Lil story: Once back when we were 18 or so..a buddy and I were hunting in the Big Thicket wood's of Deep SE Texas.We decided to take a break after we had a lil run in with a wild Boar...and smoke a joint( that ole Boar was a big,nasty,mean SOB too!)...my buddy took a seat on a fallen tree and I just stood..my buddy jump's up screaming at the top of his goddamn lung's...and started dancing and pulling down his drawer's.. it appeared that a bunch of them large red ant's that been lodging in the tree trunk got into his pant's and were having a buffet on his ass! I freaked out...was a lil hot headed because of that SOB of a Boar we just had to deal with...I seen the army of these ant's on the trunk...took my rifle and started just hammering the shit out of their colony with ammo, I was pissed at them SOB's...then my buddy started yelling at me for wasting so much ammo on these little pest's. I was a lil hotheaded in my younger year's and not alway's that bright!

It will be alot of fun and interesting watching how this mixture of socialism and democracy will mold itself...but it will have to unfortunately to some degree in time..so might as well get it all in the open now! There will certainly be alot of flaring of anger's...but it will subside over time.

Obama on Climate Engineering .. well... again ...it's about goddamn time! This is something I been whining about for year's, because it's time to get serious about this...we can achieve it and will..it's a matter of getting off our asses and getting priorities straight and busy!

Laser's to kill mosquito's, sound's great! No doubt that laser's will be more beneficial and many other thing's as well in our combat's and defenses and longevity.But that's another issue.

I'm not too worried about these right wing pro-gun folk's...they dont represent the majority of gun-owner's..just a few good ole boy's and gal's hangin out,having a few beer's and raisin a lil hell is all, that's what American democracy is all about. I have more concern with the cartel violence that is spreading into places like Texas over who's dope is better, and who sell's what and where...these boy's and gal's are fighting over big money. I am also more concerned with immigration from abroad...why? Because of those who may feel offended and get their panties in a bind over our capitalist and sinful culture...who may feel to do an extra job or two for Allah...free of charge.

As far as more American's being less for gun control...heh,heh,heh, well...it comes with the territory and cicumstances...heh? 20 year's ago I was all for a ban on assault rifles..hell...you dont need a goddamn AK-47 to hunt!(though I would have for then goddamn ant's who bit my buddies ass!)But today is a different time...every banger in the street has auto pieces, even hold-up crew's, those fighting over money and dope on the Tex/Mex border have more fire power then the police of either country even...they use 50.cal ammo just for parties and pop shot's! I feel different these day's.

Loved the "Space Body" posting, what we are seeing is the new species coming to life... and finally God has a lil competition now ...heh,heh,heh...who's design is better...heh!!? Competition is healthy. :)

Thanx guy!

11 April, 2009 09:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Certainly violent nutcases aren't typical of gun owners -- gun owners are essentially a cross-section of the population. But even a small number of violent nutcases can be a problem -- as the Oklahoma City bombing showed.

Maybe your buddy should bring one of those mosquito lasers next time -- but re-tuned for red ants. :-)

11 April, 2009 09:58  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the link Infidel! Preciate' it.

11 April, 2009 12:41  

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