04 March 2009

Time to fight, not equivocate

Dissenting Justice has a most interesting posting up about the Massachusetts DOMA lawsuit and the challenge it poses to Obama and the DoJ -- especially now that legislation has also been introduced in the House to repeal the military's DADT policy.

Historically, social movements have only created change (in either political direction) by agitating and engaging political leaders, rather than passively accepting their positions. If pushing Obama generates positive developments on gay and lesbian rights, perhaps other liberal movements will emulate glbt social movement actors and their allies and push for greater reform.

Indeed, this is one of those moments when the risks of boldness are far less than the risks of timidity. After eight years of fighting just to defend old victories against the reactionaries, it's time to start pushing forward to new ones.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I really didnt even know what DOMA was or heard of it until now. But something dont sound right here. How can folk's get the right to marry...yet be denied the right's of "married" couple's? It sint truely marriage if that was the case...it would only be a law...simply to make money off of same sex marriages in ceremonies,taxes/fee's/liscenses, but not truely have any of the basic right's that come with marriage..this would be a discriminatory violation. I dont know where Obama's heart is on this...I would hope to back full right's for same sex couples. Candidates tend to use different terminologies and define their thought's in different word's during their campaign's. I myself am okay with gay marriage...but including ALL the right's that come with "marriage"...not something like DOMA, at least what this piece say's...that simply is not marriage.

04 March, 2009 16:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Two states (Massachusetts and Connecticut) have legalized gay marriage and given gay married couples all the rights that state governments can give. The federal government does not recognize those marriages and does not grant them the rights that the federal government allows married couples (such as filing joint federal tax returns). DOMA is a federal law, so overturning it would be a necessary step toward getting the federal government to recognize gay marriages in the states which allow them.

04 March, 2009 20:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your info Mr.Infidel. I simply dont keep up much with the gay marriage issue and think the whole big issue the straight's and government make out of it is nonsense. I mean, even if your an extreme fundamoralist for instance, and think god punishes gay's for being ...well...I guess "gay" :), you wouldnt have nothing to worry about...I mean...not unless you think god will punish you for someone else being gay...if that is what you may think...then you would obviously be praying to the wrong god....cause your screwed if you do or screwed if you dont. If your one that believes in supporting this leviticus nonsense in the ancient text's of the bible, then perhaps you may feel better moving to the middle east. You know, my mother-in-law,who is now passed on, and I loved very much (she lived with us for year's, and many dont get along with "M-I-L's, but I did great) used to pray to god everyday, she was raised catholic and was a firm believer in god. One day she dismissed bible stories to the family as silly and laughed at some of them. I asked her then,why she look's at them as fictional? She told me simply..."Because God didnt write the bible...people did". Lilia.R.Vinas RIP .....

05 March, 2009 03:58  

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