21 March 2009

Link roundup for 21 March 2009

Catfish on the march!

Watch dolphins blow amazing bubble rings.

A bunch of rebellious teenagers ran into trouble -- ninety million years ago (found via Mendip).

Check out Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures (found via Sentient Developments).

Those DVDs Obama gave British Prime Minister Brown during his visit here.....were US "region code" DVDs that don't work on British DVD players.

Are newspapers doomed?

I see people who look like this all the time -- including at my job (they should read this).

Bernanke says the recession will probably end this year.

Did Obama know about the AIG bonuses in advance? Maybe, or maybe not.

Andrew Sullivan sees a new power rising in America: atheism. One of his readers seems to be seeing the light. To some, religion offers only a bleak existence.

The Essene sect, alleged authors of the Dead Sea scrolls, may have never actually existed (sent by Ranch Chimp).

A British school headmistress (= US principal), driven from her job by Muslims, sues -- and wins £400,000 (found via Islam in Europe blog).

Paul Sikander dissects the scam of "Islamophobia". Somewhere down in Hell, Hitler must be kicking himself for not thinking up the concept of "Naziphobia" and defining it as a despicable prejudice.

Norway's soft-on-Islam Labor party, sinking in the polls against its tougher rival, starts taking a harder line.

Muslim insults against the British army evoke a massive response from the British people.

The head of the Iranian regime dismisses Obama's Nowruz (Iranian new year) diplomatic overture. Nowruz, by the way, marks the spring equinox -- a reminder of the pre-Islamic origins of this widely-celebrated festival.

Things are looking up in Iraq.

The Nazis called certain people lebensunw├╝rdiges Leben ("life unworthy of life"). Some people today hold similar views.

I'm glad to see that Americans' support for nuclear power is at a new high. It's a proven technology, doesn't contribute to global warming, and is safer than most realistic alternatives.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Mr.Infidel!

Enjoyed the piece on "Dino Teen's". We can to this era see alot of us in various creatures, especially our Ape tribes. I enjoy watching the chimp's for instance because I see it as my free ride back in time...to a time when thing's were much more simple for our earliest ancestor's.

The "Walking Catfish" caught my attention because I'm a Texas boy and of coarse..ate quite a bit of catfish,even though I eat more salmon then anything, it's an addiction!Thanx to places like your neck of the wood's for salmon! But also catching my attention was catfish in the "Thames"? I've rode the Thames several times...never thought about seeing a damn catfish there! But there is a problem here, and this is a result of global warming as well that will bring problem's to marine life to come. Now one could say it was a prank and someone threw some catfish into the Thames I reckon...but the bottom line is...look all over the globe at what is happening due to the massive ice melting, the acceleration is becoming so fast as well, that species cant even keep up with what's happening, and were sure as hell not going to stop it either. In a future, we will be able to work on the climate,warming and such, we just havent reached that point ...yet. But will in time.

Obama's DVD's to Brown...heh,heh,heh.. I wasnt even informed on that until recently. A gal I correspond with in the UK been sending me DVD's...that never goddamn work! Duuuhhh...we finally know the problemo. :)

Newspaper's doomed? Well.. I guess that's a matter of preference and opinion.Some paper's will take advantage of this situation, many will close shop...and those like the "New York Daily"(What real New Yorker read's the bloody Times?! That's like asking a Texan to eat Picante Sauce made in Jersey!)who are about to change out there presses trading 3 old presses per new press to cover cost's, to get the newest tech presses available which will enable the Daily News to print full color on every page...magazine quality.. quickly and cheap...also being able to sell ad's in full color at a lower rate and highly competitive. But, other's will let the paper dissolve, there will still be a market for printed material's, and folk's who will want to buy them. Smaller town paper's like blogger Ms.Rita work's for should mostly do just fine...and as these town's become more attractive and grow some...they will see an increase in sales too.

Too fat to work?! BS! This is more freeloading mentality that has became genetic!Just as the myth...my whole family is fat, so I cant do nothing about it.Our eating habit's and especially the mainstream processed food's we stuff ourselves with and lack of physical activity is a big problem...period. They need more money they say? Go find a job or collect can's to sell or something.

Bernanke and when he think's the recession will end? Well this is nice, and credit to him for talking publicly which has been taboo to the Fed since day one.This is fine and dandy, for those who let the Dow influence their finance action's, or for those who wait for sound bites to tell them...a recession is near...or here...or gone or whatever.American's were suffering a recession way before the official word came out...and denying it...saying.."There is no recession" simply because they are so dependent for someone to tell them what is and what is not.The reality is, no matter when this recession end's,start's, or moderates...it will do nothing of what will come in the next several year's, which is a rise in poverty, homelessness,suicide, demonstration's,crime and everything else that I said earlier. Now anyone can say...this isnt true,etc,etc. Say what you will, guess,speculate,etc,etc. The path we are on...and the repair of what is outdated can only put the car back in the shop for repair after repair...until we actually "change" and move on to the next level...the problem's will continue and intensify as well. Am I talking doom and gloom? Absolutely not... I am talking about the reality, and action/reaction only.The worse thing we done was bailing out anything..which we will learn....in time. But if they say the recession is over...well that's nice...thank you. :)

Did Obama know about AIG bonuses? Heh,heh,heh... let me just put it this way... does anyone in Washington "not" know how the corporate/salary system work's? Are we that slow to where we actually have to ask a question like that? Look...let me make this simple...EVERY GODDAMN BODY KNOW'S exactly how these thing's work...they just cant talk about it. If they did...none of them would ever get elected. Jesus.F'n.Christ,we must be slow. You dont think Obama knew about all this crap before he even announced his candidacy? Of coarse he knew... and if he would have even said a word about "what" he know's...he wouldnt have been able to get a job as a Boyscout Master. His job...was to choose one of 2 parties, get into the system, then work on it from within to make modification's that will change direction. If any of these politician's ever say they dont know how this system work's...well you better get a whole new set of politician's. And no...I wouldnt have tried to put a 90% tax on the bonuses of AIG exec's. Why? Because that's dirty business, we screwed up...and we ALLOWED this as well as giving handout's,freebies, and designing legislation to let all this crap happen...and now we want to whine about it...and point finger's at each other at who's fault it is? This is a sign only of weakness! That is why the President just threw up his hand's the other day and said..."Look...just blame me" in other word's ...let's get our asses to work!Unlike these other pussies who are just worried about their slacker soft assed job's.

Thank You Sir! :)

21 March, 2009 08:12  

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