14 March 2009

Link roundup for 14 March 2009

Here's an illustrated report on the six strangest things people have been caught having sex with (found via Ambush Predator).

A city council meeting is interrupted.

I want to know if the Houston area's Catholic clergy can prove where they were when this was going on (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Archaeologists in Italy find evidence of a medieval vampire-slaying ritual.

Be prepared! The Christian Right is already bigoted against forms of sexuality that don't even exist yet. And here's where they are today: murder is less "shocking" than bisexuality. Luckily, religion is still declining in this country.

How's that anti-Pelosi strategy working out?

Check back in September, but I'm pretty sure this will come to nothing.

Here's an interesting discussion of what a depression is, and why we're not even close to being in one.

Obsidian Wings takes a grown-up look at the "going Galt" meme.

Annie Kevans presents a gallery of US Presidents' adulterous partners. And yep, that's a guy at the end of the second row.

Want to get in on the action, but can't find a partner as easily as a President can? Here's a kit to help you fake an affair.

Does it matter whether you're actually guilty or innocent?

Drug-gang violence in Mexico threatens the US. More here (sent by Ranch Chimp). Didn't we have a similar problem with Al Capone back in the 1920s? And didn't we solve that problem by repealing Prohibition?

According to this, Ford is out-performing its competitors because it refused bailout money.

Nick M at Counting Cats seems a bit annoyed about Islam-related goings-on in Britain. For more on the "soldier protests" mentioned, see here and here; reactions here.

Muslims in the US pose a potential terrorist threat.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali denounces the myth of moderate Islam.

We still have some allies we can count on in Afghanistan. I hope we will have better memories than these bozos.

Here's more on the stresses the recession is creating for the EU.

Australia threatens to boycott the Durban II anti-Israel hate-fest, as the US, Canada, and Italy are already doing. More here on the Islamic regimes' efforts to use the UN to silence criticism of Islam.

This took a lot more guts than throwing shoes at Bush.

Russia may be taking a tougher line on the Iranian threat.

Well, that should straighten them out: lesbians in South Africa are subject to "corrective rape".

Here's another example of a non-human ape being able to plan ahead. My sympathies are with the chimp. More on primate intelligence here.

The human suspicion of strangers may have evolved partly as a disease-avoidance strategy. And our capacity to cooperate within groups may have evolved in response to the extreme dependency of human babies.

The latest data suggest that global warming is raising the sea level faster than the IPCC models anticipated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far i've only got as far as the first one. hilarious!

14 March, 2009 10:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Mr.Infidel...from "Counting guest worker's in Dallas" :)

Good article on the brain's patriotism being a subconscious way to avoid disease. We could sure use it as well(patriotism) to avoid some of the other problem's we have in our country,I'll shut up on that note...since liberal's and humanitarian's like calling me a nazi for loving my country.

Vampires in Venice in the 1500's? Hmmmm ...so as you can see...before muslim fanaticism...it was christian fanatacism...which makes sense...look how old christianity is verses islam, in other word's...look at what christian's were doing at the age of current islam..and how long it took for christian's to mellow out. There's centuries difference in age in other word's.

Cornholing dog's in Houston? I believe the Bishop of the Houston/Galveston area was entertaining prominant guest's they say...who can account and testify to the whereabout's of the ole boy.I heard some pretty prominant guest's too, including Michael Jackson as well as Larry"Stall Mauler"Craig.

As far as the "robot sex" phobia of these fundamoralist's,that's all the hell they think about is what folk's are doing sexually, they should just visit an adult video store and rent some dvd's, then they can see the worx!

Bi-sex teens pop culture in East Texas...hell... can you blame them? Ever been to East Texas? Folk's out there in the wood's are shagging pig's and cow's!

Million member march on Washington by PUMA? Puma...dont trust it! They want ya'll to march with a million...so they can figure out a way to charge a fee to the marcher's and raise money to give to some other corrupt entity they have us financially support!

Faking an affair? Look's more like faking a BDSM session.

Nick M who is counting cat's instead of shagging dog's, can you blame him for being upset? Someone kill's and is a terror threat or commit's an act of terror and is guilty beyond doubt...do what most Texan's would do...kill the SOB!

Corrective rape in South Africa for lesbian's? For what...to try to make them bi-sexual?

Santino(Chimp)at the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden... sound's like the islamic fundamoralist's ranting in their street's had some influence on him.

Strange thing's that folk's have sex with? Well...just look at those shagging mutt's in Houston too. Certainly makes homosexuality not look that odd after all...heh?

Think this Halloween I'll dress up as a lesbian! :)

14 March, 2009 11:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the visits!

Think this Halloween I'll dress up as a lesbian! :)

Just keep away from South Africa.....

14 March, 2009 11:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...thanx for the tip guy! :)

Hey...I was just down the street at a cd music store, and one of these pop music radio station's were down there broadcasting "live" they play stuff like alternative pop stuff, any way...they get a large college crowd of listener's...they were giving away vacation's to Mexico...and all these young folk's were lined up and happy, trying to win. Wonder if any of these young folk's have any idea what is going on down in Ole Mexico! This one gal won and she was so excited...she's got more ball's then me...I am familiar with Mexico..and I wouldnt even take a free trip there!

14 March, 2009 18:20  

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