17 March 2009

Islamic family values

Hannah Shah is the daughter of a prominent and respected Muslim imam in northern England. He raped her repeatedly over a ten-year period starting when she was five. When she was sixteen, he tried to force her into an arranged marriage, prompting her to flee the family. The final straw, however, came when she converted to Christianity. In Islamic law, if a Muslim leaves Islam for another religion (or for atheism), he or she must be killed. Shah's father led a mob of forty Muslim men to track her down with the intent of killing her. The full story is here (found via Counting Cats).

Incestuous abuse, of course, is not unique to Muslims, as the horrifying Josef Fritzl case shows (though such things do seem to happen more often, and are certainly easier to hide, in sexually-repressive societies). The rest of the story, however, is telling. Depraved individuals exist everywhere, but social norms really are different in different societies. Even in a strictly Evangelical Christian family in the US, or a strictly Catholic family in Brazil, or a strictly Buddhist family in Korea or Thailand, or a strictly Jewish family in Israel, a father would be vanishingly unlikely to try to kill one of his own children for abandoning the religion (none of those religions mandates murder in such a case). Furthermore -- and this is the real point -- he would not be able to gather a mob of his neighbors to assist him in doing so. That is only possible in a community where murder for apostasy is a social norm.

One of the many disturbing aspects of the story is that once, at school, Hannah Shah did tell a teacher about the incestuous abuse she was suffering at home. The British authorities' response was to send a social worker "from her own community" (that is, a Muslim) who, of course, accused her of "betraying" the community and told her father what she had said. The European authorities' hands-off approach to the Muslim minority's enforcement of its own norms is a major reason for the persistence of the problem which Islam in Europe represents. Shah herself says that many more Muslims in Britain have renounced Islam than is generally realized, but keep silent through understandable fear.

Far more Muslims would probably abandon Islam if their social environment were even moderately more conducive to doing so. I will be posting a longer discussion of this important point in the near future.


Blogger 50 said...

Sending a muslim social worker was the height of stupidity (or was it fear) on the part of the British authorities.
Muslim women have no rights. I am constantly amazed at the silence from women's rights groups in the West when it comes to islam. These groups always use the "cultural relativity" excuse - "it's part of their culture, we have no right to interfere!" Hypocrites.
Rape. Forced marriage. Honour killings. This is how islam treats women!

17 March, 2009 10:35  
Blogger mendip said...

Thanks for posting this. Islam is a mental disease.

17 March, 2009 14:25  
Blogger Prash said...

Thanks for this post. I was unaware of this case.

17 March, 2009 19:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Religion,culture,reason,family value's,or what have you. I alway's wondered why people put up with this? And the European's have already proven to be some of the biggest pussies on earth,especially liberal's.Frankly speaking...whatever these Inam's,(not sure of spelling?) or any of these raghead's or family value folk's decide to do in their country...I dont give a rat's ass. I heard of excuses of middle eastern immigrant's of islamist faith for instance running around in western Europe raping women and using for defense that because she might have worn a damn dress or something they couldnt help it because she dresses like a whore or something similar, and these folk's that invite these immigrant ingrates into their country sit around trying to "understand" and have a better understanding for their culture and feeling's. I'm a redneck SOB... I'll admit it. I wouldnt even tolerate such nonsense, nor do I give a damn about their ragheaded culture or reason's .. I wouldnt choose to put up with it in my land and culture..or their religion's. These folk's keep inviting these folk's in, and wanting to run and help them,feed them,defend them, etc.And in these land's like in some middle eastern countries..the court's condone it...so it's none of my business,unless you bring it home to us. And as far as I'm concerned I wouldnt tolerate it. Another thing I wanted to say is that, all these comment's about how our women dress inproper or like whores,slut's or whatever...I have heard time and time again. I happen to love women who dress like that...I have all my life, and damn proud of it! Including our slutty looking women! I wouldnt even attempt to have sex with one of their women wrapped up like a goddamn mummy or burrito in sheet's! I would shag a goddamn drag queen before I touched one of them! I'll shut up now.. thank you Sir.

18 March, 2009 04:04  

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