01 March 2009

The biker rebellion

I've long suspected that in western Europe, where government and police have mostly proven cringingly useless in the face of Muslim thuggery, intimidation, and crime, the native people will eventually take matters into their own hands -- even violently.

Well, it's starting to happen -- and perhaps predictably, it's starting in Denmark, which has been more resistant to this pestilence than other western European countries (recall for example the battle of the Muhammad cartoons). Biker gangs, apparently, are the vehicle chosen by the young to bypass their quavering elders' sclerotic political system and strike back at their tormentors.

The above link was pointed out to me by Mary Madigan, who says: "Actually, a protest in Denmark might be equivalent to a protest in the Middle East. Many of the riots involve Muslim criminal gangs vs. Danish criminal gangs like the Hell’s Angels. Lots of young Danes are joining the Hell’s Angels, even though they don’t have motorcycles, for an opportunity to fight the Muslim gangs."

I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of this phenomenon. There are plenty of angry young non-Muslim males in Rotterdam, Sheffield, Marseilles, Hamburg, Brussels, Rome, and on and on. Maybe it won't be biker gangs in those places; maybe it will be something else. But human nature cannot indefinitely tolerate being bullied and threatened by arrogant aliens on one's own turf.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Boy...did I like this post! This is exactly the type of action that is needed. I can only imagine what the Dane Police response is like...and really can imagine what these ungrateful thug's think of not just the Dane Police ...but apparently the Dane Gvmnt as well. And since the hired official's and force cant get the job done...then someone who can need's to. The stories I been hearin out of these places in the news are incredible. I mean...let me get this straight guy...okay? From what I gathered ...not only Danes...but other's in the EU...take in these immigrant's, housing and financing even many, just giving everything to them damn near for their existence...and the way these immigrant's show their APPRECIATION for all this is by doing these thing's to the country that done so much for them? I have heard them even say they think their justified to rape women if they think she dresses like a whore which basically says that any women showing anything besides her hand's or feet in public I reckon is a whore by some of their standard's. What is going on in some of these places is almost unbelievable...unbelievable in other word's that any gvmnt. would put up with this!

And Hail to the Hells Angels! (and allies)... I have met many over the year's and got drunk with several at their haunt's, who were "Angel's" and also member's of the "Savage Ones","Satans Disciples","Road Vultures" and the "Knight Riders"...these were some of the most upstanding American's that I have ever met I might add...and in my opinion in this case...hero's!

01 March, 2009 07:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

A caution: I can't recommend that "Balder blog" beyond this one posting. On closer examination it clearly has an anti-Jewish and anti-gay agenda -- points which it shares, ironically, with the Islamist agenda.

02 March, 2009 02:29  
Blogger Balder said...

Thanks for the link buddy, but:

Balder Blog - 'anti-Jewish and anti-gay agenda'

Balder Blog does not have an 'anti-gay agenda', but is tired as most people are of homosexual exibitionism and promotion of extremist homosexual lifestyles paid for by tax payer money. 30 million DKr. for the 'Copenhagen Gay Olympics'!

Balder Blog is not 'anti-Jewish' either, but anti Jewish pushed 'hate speech' legislation, anti organzed Jewish support for more immigration, and against supporting New World Order wars.

I am not against Muslims either, as long as they stay out of my country and other Western Europeans countries.

There is absolutely no contradiction in being opposed to Muslim immigration together with the things mentioned above.

13 August, 2009 07:54  

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