24 February 2009

Prepare to fight!

Sometimes our leaders threaten to do something so outrageous that no American worthy of the name can rest until we all feel secure that mass public fury has squelched it. Right now there are two such abominations looming on the horizon.

One of these is a recently-expressed commitment by Obama to push an amnesty for illegal aliens. Not right now, obviously -- he knows full well what a firestorm such a move would provoke in the middle of a recession. But later, when things have improved, he does intend to press the matter. Never mind the effect on the job prospects of American workers, especially the least-skilled who are already backed against the wall. Never mind the attack on the rule of law represented by amnesty for those whose very presence in the country is a crime and an act of contempt for the law. Never mind the slap in the face to all the would-be legal immigrants who are following the proper procedures and waiting in their countries of origin to be accepted, only to see these illegal interlopers shove ahead of them in line. Never mind that tough state and local action may already be starting to solve the illegal-alien problem.

Well, when Bush and a gang of craven Senators tried to force an illegal-alien amnesty on us in the middle of 2007, the American people rose up and roared and showed them who was boss. If and when the time comes, we'll show Obama who's boss too.

The other ominous proposal is being put forward by Congressional Republicans, though some democrats are supporting it too. It's a plan to require all internet service providers -- even libraries and internet caf├ęs -- to keep detailed records on everyone who uses their services. It's unclear exactly what data would be kept, but the implication is that individuals' usage would be monitored; the records would be available to the authorities under various circumstances (easily re-defined at some point in the future on whatever pretext, once the monitoring technology was in place).

So if you happen to take an occasional interest in perusing the website of the American Communist Party, or the John Birch Society, or Dominant-Donna's-Den-of-Discipline-dot-com, or whatever, then be prepared to feel the chilling effect of some McCarthy or Hoover type invisibly peering over your shoulder. The actual monitoring (which might not even be technologically possible) isn't the point; it's that chilling effect itself that's the point. It has long been the fond dream of every miserable, nosy, agitated control freak to destroy the exuberant anonymity and uncontrollability which have made the internet such an oasis of freedom. The slimebucket kiddie-porn purveyors who are being used as a pretext for this (as they are for every proposed attack upon freedom of expression) would of course quickly master whatever technology was needed to protect their revolting business from its effects. Would you feel equally confident that you knew how to defend your privacy? Or would you, perhaps, just quit visiting sites you knew Big Brother might not like if he were watching?

Our ability to stop our government from imposing these two outrages on our country will be a test of our vitality and self-awareness as a people. I'm optimistic that we will pass that test.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Mr.Infidel!

This is an interesting post...and one who can get a number of folk's fired up. I really cant argue with this,but I wanted to say a lil something on it. First of all...I am hypocritical here.Why? because most of my life I have heavily interacted with latino's,legal and illegal both.It is actually part of our Texas culture.It is deeply rooted as you probably know here. But...I was actually fixin to write something on the current condition of immigration and what maybe to come IF...we dont figure out how to deal with this. We even have latino's in our family. But too...I know many people over the year's...that played by the book, and came from Mexico for instance, doing it legally...because...you actually can! Our back's are against the wall right now...on immigration period. I credit part of the economical problem in California for instance on illegal immigration,I still have family in LA. In some of my post's...I said we need to put a neon sign around Liberty's neck in NY Harbour that say's "No Vacancy"...this is not the time for anything like amnesty, and for all the reason's you stated. I know several Mexican American's for instance born and raised in Dallas/LA who busted ass to get to where they are politically and in society,some a lil angry over the illegal immigration of latino's as well. I mean..Tejano club's and Mexicano club's still have an unofficial segregation. That's why I was first suprised at the latino American turnout to support illegal's at first...but I credit that only to some latino political group's that are trying to consolidate them...for their own political reason's as being one people...the fact is...that many latino American's dont socialize with illegal's...period. But immigration is something we are going to have to tighten up on...and in my opinion...from these middle eastern places as well. We are having difficulties financially...the Mexican government strictly want's illegal's here to send dollar's back to Mexico...even though mexico is wealthy...they dont give rat's ass about their own...and you only have 2 classes in Mexico...poor and well off.Another thing...we can learn much from our euro friend's who are having difficulties with all the people they brought in from the middle east...there is a cultural difference..and that is what is clashing..and if we continue as we are...we will have many new problem's here. We simply cant afford all the immigration we are getting...period...it isnt a matter of racism...we dont have the goddamn resources.We help everyone...who help's us? Many just come here as well to exploit our nation...let's be honest and look at the reality without being liberal or conservative. And business want's to exploit their labour. The last thing we need is amnesty, or more welfare or any of it...as far as I concerned...we should send the Mexican government a damn bill!And the war on the Tex/Mex border that I just posted between the drug cartel's...is threatening to bring"million's" of illegal's now into Texas...as "refugee's" from the violence and other crap.

I also agree on the internet snooping..I been online for less than a year...and never really cared who know's what sites I visit...I love the internet for info and such...but...I know if we give an inch...they will take a mile. The crap about it being to capture pedophiles or such is crap too.If pedo's didnt have the net...they would be in the goddamn playground's, or elsewhere's. Yes I even visit sites...commi's,nazi's,christian's,muslim's,devil worshipper's...you name it...If anyone know's...I dont give a rat's ass anyway's...I'll visit what the hell I please...and yes...even the dominitrixes...especially them,Why? Because I been a very "bad" boy! :)

Thanx guy!

24 February, 2009 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is a question for the webmaster/admin here at infidel753.blogspot.com.

May I use part of the information from this post above if I provide a link back to your website?


24 February, 2011 22:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Fine with me.

25 February, 2011 03:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at infidel753.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


02 March, 2011 22:11  

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