28 February 2009

Link roundup for 28 February 2009

See the amazing transparent-headed fish (found via Mendip).

Ice Princess has some questions.

I really doubt that life in the Ukrainian army is this much fun.

As if newspapers didn't already have enough problems, here's a plan for them to self-destruct completely.

Photos from the 1941-1944 siege of Leningrad are blended with pictures of the same places today, with interesting results.

It increasingly looks like the hardest-hit country in the current recession will be China. Here's more on Beijing's real-estate implosion (exacerbated by overbuilding for the Olympics).

Enough is enough -- cutting immigration is now the number-one issue for British voters (background info here). Maybe this kind of thing has something to do with it (remember that in Britain "Asian" usually means Pakistani, that is, Muslim). And I guess this is better than suicide bombing, but..... (found via Mendip).

Michael Totten has a dramatic account of Christopher Hitchens's encounter with neo-Nazis in Beirut.

The Middle East Quarterly debunks the idea that honor killings are just a form of domestic violence.

Obama's new intelligence gatekeeper is a notorious toady of the Saudi and Chinese regimes.

A positive step: the United States boycotts the Durban II "racism conference" (actually an anti-Israel hate-fest).

Valentine's Day is getting big in Iran (sent by Ranch Chimp).

The intellectual battle to rescue conservatism from its death spiral has begun. John Derbyshire denounces the growing prominence of anti-intellectual figures such as Rush Limbaugh. Daniel Larison debunks the myth of the US as a "center-right" nation; Gentleman Freddie makes related points. Liberal blogger Terrance has some worthwhile observations here and here. The virulence of many of the comments here, however, suggests that many conservatives remain mentally locked into an ideological dead end.

Under Bush, government spending rose from 35% of GNP to 40%.

The recent kerfluffle over George Will illustrates the fundamental dishonesty of global-warming denialism -- see here, here, and here (read this too). Mark Kleiman looks at denialism's possible link with Biblical literalism (the analogy with creationism has always seemed obvious to me). Science Daily clears up myths about the supposed "medieval warm period". We may have gotten rid of Bush just in time since it looks like global warming is more serious than we thought. Discussion of possible solutions here.

Aubrey de Grey heads for Moscow.

Nanotechnology creeps forward, using new folding techniques for construction (found via Mendip). One nano-device is already working. And here's an interesting look at nano-skepticism.

North Carolina researchers are modifying viruses to fight cancer. More on the technique here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Senor Infidel! First of all let me say that the sunrise on the Mt.Hood webcam this morning look's beautiful over your great unique city. I been to alot of town's in this country..and several in a few other countries, and PDX (Portland) has got to be one of my favourite cities of all!

Looking for a damn good laugh this morning over my breakfast taco's is what I needed...and the post of question's by "Ice Princess" really gave me that...loved them!

Christopher Hitchens in Beruit, what a story...now you see why I say this guy has ball's as big as Texas! And his perspective and opinion's are alway's a treat!

Chas Freeman...the gatekeeper? This sure as hell was an interesting piece. There has been so much going on in this new administration...I can barely keep up with it! But this is something I am especially interested in. Interested about why President Obama chooses this person that is. I am beginning to wonder if he has all the inside scoop on all his pick's for the cabinet..or is he just being fed these folk's like a buffet...while he's occupied with something else? This doesnt make real sense to me considering his profile that I see. Before I say another word on this...I need to do some research...thanx.

Mr.Will and all the talk of everyone about global warming denialism is again probably one of the most important issue's we have. This is why I cant stand hearing these folk's go back and forth,back/forth,etc like been going on. And it dont seem like I ever really hear much talk out of these denialist's about telling us what possible good trashing up the earth does? We spend so much time worrying about someone smoking a goddamn cigarette...and not enough time in my opinion on worrying about the MASSIVE pollution we do to the earth. Our current regulation's in my opinion...are not good enough. I frankly dont give a damn who's to blame, or what the goddamn earth done thousand's of year's ago. The bottom line is...the way we trash the earth...doesnt do a goddamn bit of good...and the ice is melting at an alarming rate...this what I am saying dont have a thing to do with doom and gloom, it has to do with preservation of life and the planet...and cleaning a goddamn house which is long overdue.

I loved all the stuff on nanotechnology as well. We as a species are alway's looking for a saviour,icon,a superhero or some other fictional figure to save the species and the planet. Well look no further is what I say..because these folk's with their so called controversial and cutting edge technologies and studies are the ones that are going to save the species, and much more. I was talking to a med student who also own's a small business here in Dallas...but also let me first say that he is a very religious muslim as well...but remember...a med student at a local university. We spent hour's debating this stuff and I just about turned blue in the face...soaking my pant's in my own piss from being in the wind! We dont discuss it any further...because his final stance is...all this nanotechnology cannot work..and the crap about being against nature,allah or an array of other thing's that come up. It's a moot point...so the last time we met...we talked about the Dallas Cowboy's since were both fan's. If nanotechnology bother's you...well stay away from it then...I myself am banking on it! And most of the time I know a good bet when I see it!

Thanx guy.......

28 February, 2009 07:55  

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