31 January 2009

Link roundup for 31 January 2009

In Texas, beware of zombies.

Oh, and Ted Haggard is at it again, too (sent by Ranch Chimp, who comments here). Time to link to Roy Zimmerman again.

Hope! Change! Lizards!

Here's that PETA ad that was banned from the Superbowl. It's been more than fifteen years now since I quit watching TV, but yeesh, is it still balking at things this tame?

One type of business seems unaffected by the bad economy.

Yes, he's finally gone.

This is silly, but contains one immortal line: "How would one feel if one was to go walking in nature and suddenly came across a group of naked people?"

Mendip recalls the sledding wars of DC winters past.

Don't forget Valentine's Day.

These two make a cute couple.

Iowahawk interprets that godawful "pledge" video (if you haven't seen the video, it's here -- don't watch it on a full stomach).

Doesn't this usually lead to the end of the world in SF movies?

Portland's baby elephant plays soccer.

Iceland now has the world's first openly-lesbian Prime Minister.

Some French people are still behaving like idiots about the global dominance of the English language.

Oh, crap -- if Dubai has enough money to build that giant glass arrowhead thing next to the beach, why doesn't it have a proper sewer system?

Rumors abound that the military will soon swear loyalty to Obama personally rather than to the Constitution -- but it's not true.

If space weapons are outlawed, only outlaw nations will have space weapons.

"This is a relapse into paganism" -- NRO makes Obama sound good!

Has pandering to the fundamentalist base locked the Republican party into a death spiral? Right now, per Gallup, only five states -- all with small populations -- lean Republican, while thirty-five lean Democratic.

We won, they lost! Americans voted power to Democrats and liberals everywhere, not just the Presidency but the House and Senate too -- so let's act like it (found via Republic of T).

A report from the enemy camp -- a pro-choicer infiltrates an anti-abortion conference and finds the anti-choice crowd divided and rudderless.

Another view of the psychology underlying the MSM's economic pessimism: "self-indulgent wallowing in hysterical gloom is more fun." Obama may be partly to blame too.

If true, this is utterly vile -- judges stand accused of sentencing children to jail in exchange for bribes from juvenile-detention-center operators.

Excessive proliferation of laws can destroy initiative.

China struggles with its rising gender imbalance.

In western Europe, apparently, being against theocratic fascism and for liberal values now means you're "far-right".

Terrorism is funded by an Islamic "charity" -- in Ohio.

Be sure to read this spirited and very to-the-point essay on the Iran nuclear issue.

Turkey's Islamist leader shows his true colors at Davos.

The Taliban are extending their rule from Pakistan's borderlands into the interior.

Getting healthier on the cheap is now a plum assignment.

Darwin's ideas have evolved, becoming more important than ever.

Artificial intelligence keeps advancing.

Viruses, long a threat, will soon be used as tools to repair spinal nerve damage in humans.

As the US prepares to move forward in stem-cell research, Canada still has problems.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

SuperBowl Sunday Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

Um,um,um...fining naked folk's tryin to get a lil R&R in the Alp's!! Downright shameful...to actually fine someone for the clothing they were born with! What's next!? Houston year's back had a all nude apartment complex, that raised some legal problem's because someone was threatened with eviction on the property because they didnt walk around the complex naked...she sued the complex...dont recall the result's as to who won. But his nonsense fining these German folk's is a sign of the times I reckon...trying to create a new"wrong/evil" to milk money out of the masses for! Bastard's!

Thanx for the warning notice on the Zombies in Texas...I wonder if that's that cult out at a place called "Crawford Ranch"? Thank goodness for hacker's!

The usage of kid's for buck's in Pennsylvania doesnt suprise me much. I have alway's considered kid's as one of the most abused sector's of our society...they are treated like a damn commodity. And this crap is nationwide on every avenue...now controlling their brain's with "good drug's" because a kid might be bored with their stale way's and system, more conformity crap...and the court's and attorney's are just as guilty with their custody and trade crap!
I am sure if Wall St could,,,they would get a piece of the action putting them on the market! We talk about who to "free"? Free the damn children!

The "Swat" area of Pakistan? Let me be frank here...in Pakistan I think the problem is much bigger than we even see...being all throughout Pakistan. They concern me...and have for a few year's. Year's back because of lack of fund's...the extremeist's as I pointed out earlier got to infiltrate the school system as the teacher's and board member's. Which basically ended up with classes of nothing but Bible study
(Quran study)...I also have concern with exactly how supplied they are with nuclear weapon's capability...and who has control over it...now and later. And just how deep this is...on other level's with the overall population of Pakistan...sure in Swat it's force...but in other area's they might have other kind's of hold's less visible. I am not against Pakistani's at all
a former boss was Pakistani...he was honest,generous(very) and a hell of a nice guy...he was also muslim...but to...was educated in a London college and High School. His dad had money is why. Many of these kid's in Pakistan what I am saying will never recieve that kind of education...and are already programmed and damaged.Dont look at now..look at 5 to 10 year's from now.

01 February, 2009 07:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the chaos in the anti-choice gang is a subset of the general chaos griping the GOP and the Religious Right (including the ID nutters) in general. The anti-choice gang and the GOP have been hitched to the same cart for so long that the implosion of the GOP and it's lack of direction has left the whole "movement" rudderless.

02 February, 2009 03:29  

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