02 January 2009

Link roundup for 2 January 2009

Dave Barry has his 2008 year in review up.

Israellycool takes an amusing look at Hamas terrorist profiles.

Watch some amazing helicopter aerobatics.

For the doom-and-gloom, moan-and-groan crowd: a reminder that in the areas that matter most, life is getting better and better.

Australians are taking a stand against internet censorship. Perry de Havilland, too, issues a call for defiance.

Jihadists in Pakistan plan to kill girls for going to school.

Common sense about Muslim barbarism continues to advance in the Netherlands.

Former Muslim Ibn Warraq takes a look at the Islamic Heaven.

Yet another close Obama associate is now being investigated for corruption.

Caroline Kennedy for Senate? Oh...My Valve blog has a better suggestion.

Pro-Proposition-8 religious bigots whine as the economic weapon begins to bite. I support this tactic; weren't boycotts an important weapon in the 1960s civil-rights struggle as well?

Here's a look at what's really crippling the US auto companies. This makes it rather clear why bailouts do not help.

Israellycool continues to provide liveblogging coverage of the Gaza operation. Apparently Israel is actually fighting to win this time. A top-rank jihadist leader has been killed. Alan Dershowitz explains why there's no moral equivalence between the two sides. Even some Muslims, such as the Egyptian Foreign Minister, have been critical of Hamas.

Big surprise: many celebrities are scientific ignoramuses.

Gene therapy not only stops but reverses heart disease in lab rats.


Blogger Prash said...

Yes, an aussie friend of mine told me this few months back ...that Australia is planning to do the same thing like china and probably have a link between two countries on this issue...oh dear !

02 January, 2009 07:29  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

WOW!!! We really made it to 2009 heh? But the end must be near...heh? (just kidding Mr.Infidel). But Dave Barry...I love this guy...heh,heh,heh...he sure tell's it like it is. I cant read DB without busting a gut! This crap about killing girls for attending school is just geared more at what I term as"LLLC" (Lunatic Legacy Learning Center's")
you see...back several year's ago in Pakistan...the Pakistani govt. had no money to fund their school's/education...so the Lunatic Islamist's Fringe,Inc. came in kind of as loving rescuer's and volunteered to run the school's...which consisted of Quran reading for all"period's/classes" and learning I reckon how to bob their head's, I am not sure what they call it...but they read and bob is all I can tell ya. The only problem later was parent's were finding out...they didnt learn anything else. I wonder if this recent crap in Afghanistan...is more of the same...to incorporate these types of school's and discard actual education.But...what the hell do I know? I am still in a daze from New Year's Eve...and that last Obama speech! thanx guy! :)

02 January, 2009 07:41  
Blogger Christy said...

Burris should be seated, Kennedy needs to stay home.

02 January, 2009 18:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Prash: Australia is planning to do the same thing like china and probably have a link between two countries on this issue

Hardly an inspiring role model for a Western nation.

I expect a brisk market will develop in Australia for software designed to work around the busybodies' virtual burqa.

RC: This crap about killing girls for attending school is just geared more at what I term as"LLLC" (Lunatic Legacy Learning Center's")

Well, women with even a modicum of education are likely to raise all sorts of awkward questions about Islamic social rules, so.....

Christy: Burris should be seated

By all means. It must have cost him a bundle.

03 January, 2009 02:55  
Blogger Christy said...

Innocent till proven guilty, and no guilt by association!! LOL

He meets the requirements. You aren't allowed to circumvent the law on the basis of speculation.

He can be expelled later, if necessary.

But the rule of law is still superior to vigilante justice, even if the law is time-consuming and messy.

03 January, 2009 08:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Innocent till proven guilty

When someone is being charged with a crime and facing possible punishment, yes. Burris is not being charged with anything, nor would a decision against him mean he was sentenced to any punishment. What's at stake is the propriety of an appointment to high office by a person who has been arrested and charged with a felony after being caught red-handed.

You aren't allowed to circumvent the law

The law says the Senate can approve or reject appointees. Exactly what are appropriate grounds for a rejection is a grey area.

We've gone on for too long with politicians' unethical behavior being tolerated because it doesn't technically break the law. There are supposed to be ethical standards.

I don't have a strong opinion on the Burris issue one way or the other. I just thought it was funny.

03 January, 2009 10:45  

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