12 July 2008

Revelations of Obama


Late-term abortion.

Faith-based initiatives.

At what point does flip-flopping cross the line into backstabbing?

When this chameleon, this empty suit pied-pipered the nomina-tion away from the solid candidate who could actually have won this thing in November, and I said "The Presidency is lost", I was called names in predictable Obamabot style.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and there are more on the way.

It is a curiosity that some of the most outspoken atheists I know of are stalwart Obama men. As their hero reveals his true self step by step, there is a certain sad entertainment in watching them cling forlornly to their.....faith.

Do you think this will end with the FISA vote?

He will flip-flop, he will betray, he will flounder about, and come November, he will lose.

Take it to the bank.


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