12 July 2008

Link roundup for 12 July 2008

That proposed Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is back, largely at the urging of those two stalwart champions of traditional morality and the integrity of marriage -- Larry Craig and David Vitter. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Re-making a classic is always chancy -- but this looks interesting.

For Independence Day, Malnati's Pizzeria of Chicago delivered 2,000 pizzas -- to troops in Iraq.

Think we have economic problems? Check out what Europe is going through.

Marie Cocco reviews Obama's woman issues, while Riverdaughter elucidates the PUMA movement's disgust. Supporters Bob Herbert and Richard Blair lament the candidate's implosion. And his poll lead has evaporated.

Tanning is growing in popularity among younger women -- with predictable results.

Maverick conservative John Derbyshire denounces the Discovery Institute -- and Bobby Jindal.

Ralph Peters reminds us that the pen is, in fact, not mightier than the sword.

Here's more on resveratrol testing in mice.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for the link to my blog, infidel753!

That story about the Discovery Institute just shows how freakin' screwed up our public educational system is in the U.S. Even being a religious person, Christian, I do NOT want religion taught in the public schools. For one thing, the Christian faith itself is split from church to church. I'm so happy that my kids are all finished with that stuff, they are either finished with college or in college right now. But my grandkids...who knows what the heck is going to be taught in school.

14 July, 2008 09:14  

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