15 July 2008

The implosion continues

Current polls are showing Obama and McCain close to tied for the popular vote -- whatever happened to that 15-point lead? They're tied for popular support for their positions on (can you believe this?) Iraq. And the old warrior inspires much more confidence as commander-in-chief.

Can I say "I told you so" yet?

In an election year that was (and in general still is) shaping up to be their worst in living memory, the Republicans managed to nominate one of the two guys on their team (the other one being Giuliani) with an actual chance to win the Presidency. We had an almost unbeatable candidate, but instead we decided to nominate Gilderoy Lockhart. The results shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Democratic party leadership seems intent on demonstrating that there is no such thing as an election they can't lose, if they try hard enough.


Blogger Life As I Know It Now said...

They must be doing it on purpose! I can think of no other logical explaination for this stupid behavior.

16 July, 2008 08:42  

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