01 June 2008

The man whom the people trust

I was going to try to de-emphasize politics for a while, but this Rasmussen survey is just too much. Americans in general now consider McCain more trustworthy than Obama on the issues of the economy, national security -- and Iraq.

Think about that. After seven and a half years of the Republican brand being relentlessly trashed by the most egregiously failed Presidency in living memory, it's the Republican candidate who is viewed as more trustworthy to handle what many people consider to be that Presidency's most definitive blunder.

This is partly due to McCain's "maverick" reputation, which has allowed his personal popularity to remain far higher than that of the Republican party as a whole. But it also reflects many voters' understandable concern with Obama's lack of experience, and his apparent naive stance toward foreign policy challenges in general.

Give the Republicans credit for realism -- in what's shaping up to be their worst electoral year in decades, they have managed to nominate one of their only two candidates (McCain and Giuliani) who have a serious chance of winning the Presidency. Our side, by contrast, is about to nominate probably the only major Democrat who has a serious chance of losing it -- when we have another candidate available who is a virtually-guaranteed winner.

HELLO?! Is there anyone in the Democratic party establishment capable of any sort of higher brain functions whatsoever?

Yesterday's fiasco at the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington does not inspire confidence. Clinton supporters are infuriated -- see here and here and here, just to pick out reactions at sites I regularly visit.

In what's probably the last fleeting gasp of hope for a Democratic Presidential win this year, Clinton is apparently sweeping today's Puerto Rico primary by more than two to one -- perhaps enough to give her a lead in the popular vote by most counts. Will the party establishment have the brains -- or the guts -- to get the message?

Update (2 June): The MSM is starting to notice our anger -- though predictably dismissing it with sneering words like "crazy" and "frenzied". It will be interesting to watch their condescension evolve into alarm as they realize that we're not falling into line.

Update 2 (3 June): This reflects what I've been seeing around the internet. If Obama ever did have a chance at beating McCain, his supporters have probably blown it for him with their attitudes and behavior over the last few months.



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