13 May 2008

Link roundup for 13 May 2008

Charles Babbage's "difference engine", a complex mechanical computer designed in the mid-19th century, has finally been built.

The creationist/ID propaganda film Expelled despicably misrepresents Darwin.

A Florida teacher has been accused of wizardry.

Here's an interesting photo and quote from the annals of church-state relations.

The Burmese regime's thugs are stealing cyclone aid and selling it.

John Evo sends this Huffington Post article about why we should be optimistic about Obama's chances against McCain. I think it ignores some of the major issues I've already discussed on this site, but check it out for yourself. I think the biggest danger to MCain is a third-candidate spoiler from the right.

Here's another argument that Clinton would be the stronger Democratic nominee. 64% of Democrats want her to stay in the race. Plugging the latest polls into the all-important Electoral College, the gap looks bigger than a week ago -- Clinton still easily beats McCain, but McCain now easily beats Obama.

Signs point to a Republican collapse in Congress this November, regardless of who wins the Presidency. Bush's approval rating is lower than ever.

Measles is making a comeback in the US -- almost entirely in children who did not receive routine vaccinations against it. In California, a school opposed to vaccination has suffered a whooping-cough outbreak. Britain has similar problems and is contemplating a crackdown.

The Methuselah Foundation has raised $7 million for anti-aging research.

Chell has a posting up on transhumanism.

Here's an unusual MSM nod to the potential of technology to enhance human memory.

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Blogger Fran said...

Thanks for the roundup!

Although with the week I am having and over 400 things in my reader (ah but I come here!) I may not get to the links.

And I still owe you a reply post from what we exchanged at the Otherwhirld.

I have not forgotten, just no time as yet.

14 May, 2008 04:44  
Blogger tina FCD said...

Wizardry article is just crazy!

14 May, 2008 06:53  

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