26 May 2008

Classism and the "new coalition"

This article is a must-read -- too important to leave until the next link roundup. While Democrats have been focusing on sexism and racism, the most dangerous prejudice threatening the party is actually classism. Many of Obama's followers are too young to realize that his "new coalition" politics is nothing but a rehash of the old classist blundering that has led the party to defeat in every Presidential race in decades except the two Clinton runs and the freak post-Watergate election of 1976.

Without a majority of those voters, the Democrats have, since the party's inception in the 1820s, been incapable of winning the presidency. The Obama advocates declare, though, that we have entered an entirely new political era. It is not only possible but also desirable, they say, for Democrats to win by turning away from those whom "progressive" pundits and bloggers disdain variously as "Nascar man," "uneducated," "low information" whites, "rubes, fools, and hate-mongers" who live in the nation's "shitholes."

The objects of this arrogance and contempt will not forget. And if the Democratic party spurns their votes, McCain will be delighted to have them.

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Blogger Rita said...

I think I see some of the problems that are splitting the Democratic party, during a time where it needs to stick together. For one thing... the white working class is working. They have to work to make ends meet. They take a bit of pride in that, as well they should. They get sick & tired of being discounted & treated as idiots. Another problem I see is that the Afro-American & Hispanic population is in a sense being forced to make a choice between voting for two minorities, a Woman or a male of color. As much as this is awesome, it is a conundrum. It would have benefited the party if only one minority was the clear choice, I think.

26 May, 2008 16:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The concept of "Class" is so European, my dear. It's an issue that Americans want to believe doesn't apply to us. We are (allegedly) the great meritorious society full of Horatio Algers. That's the line that Republicans sell, successfully, to a whole lot of conservative, often religious, voters who really should realize that they, of all people, are served most poorly by conservative economic policies. If Obama can't convince these people that he understands and represents their interests, McCain will be able to do so easily, simply by pulling out the Republican play book that has worked quite effectively in the past several decades.

26 May, 2008 17:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I've repeatedly called attention to how the Democratic party, which should be looking out for the interests of the working class, has instead stabbed it in the back by embracing illegal aliens. Now it seems that a major part of the party establishment wants to ditch the working class entirely in favor of this glitzy "new coalition".

I am really torn concerning the question of which should be the higher priority -- keeping McCain out of the White House, or punishing the Obama wing of the party for its classist (and misogynistic, don't forget) arrogance?

26 May, 2008 19:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When an unbeliever makes a statement concerning God, the world, man, morality, ethics, or any other subject, he asserts it as an absolute certainty."

I empathize with your frustration, but there's no question in my mind which is the higher priority. This country simply cannot withstand another eight years under a Republican administration, especially one that is led by McCain.

27 May, 2008 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness! The quoted material in my previous comment does not seem to belong here! Sorry about that! Anyway, my second paragraph stands.

28 May, 2008 15:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the chaplain.
For one thing there is the Supreme court issue.

I think the best message to send is to vote Democrat.

28 May, 2008 17:07  

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