23 March 2008

Link roundup for 23 March 2008

Some of Ron Paul's followers, apparently feeling that the earlier plan to take over Texas was too ambitious, are now trying to start their own separate Paulist communities, free from the rules of the oppressive unconstitutional US government and, apparently, of correct spelling as well.

Don't miss Phillychief's great re-interpretation of Easter.

Here's a roundup of depictions of Martian war machines (click on the pictures for bigger versions).

The Tibet crackdown has again revealed the ugly reality behind the myth of a modernizing China. Calls are now being heard for a boycott of the Olympic opening ceremony.

More assessments of the Obama-Wright issue, from Mickey Kaus, Michael Meyers, and the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times looks at the Donner Party Democrats.

Here's an impressive photo of an avalanche -- on Mars (found via Ordinary Girl).

Scientists have discovered giant sea life near Antarctica.

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