24 February 2008

Not THAT old thing again.....

Ralph Nader makes another pathetic bid for attention. Savor the self-delusion:

.....pledging to repeat a bid that will "shift the power from the few to the many."

No, you blithering idiot, if people actually vote for you, the most you can hope to accomplish is to shift the Electoral College from the Democratic candidate to the Republican again, thus extending for another four years the disaster which you helped to create in 2000.

Luckily, this time, it's unlikely that many voters will be dumb enough to do that.



Blogger Rita said...

I think we might have our first major disagreement over this...

You know he has every right to run for any political office he choses.

It is not Naders responsibility to uphold the whole of democracy or is he responsible for it's downfall.

It is also to the advantage of the two major corrupt & cynical power mongering political parties to diss him & lay blame for their problems on him.

IMO maybe his biggest "problem" is that he is an Idealist, & if that's a problem, then current politics sucks!

That being said, Am I going to vote for him in this election cycle? No. Because I'm being more pragmatic then idealistic this time around.

But, I don't think it is productive to our liberal democracy to ridicule anyone exercising their right to run for office. After all there are children watching.

24 February, 2008 17:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm not disputing his right to run for office. But actions have consequences, and people are responsible for the reasonably-foreseeable consequences of their actions.

The consequence of his action -- the only consequence -- is to make a Republican administration in 2009-2013 slightly more likely.

And I have every right to point that out, and to reprimand him accordingly for the harm he is thereby doing to our country.

25 February, 2008 00:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, I'm glad you aren't too agreeable anyway. That would be boring.

I have recently met two Green party people in the last couple of days...so far they are both voting for Obama. I heard some others talking at the ROP meeting I went to they were talking about switching to democrate and then switching back later.

It is true that we have to try to convince people to vote democrat. But it's counter productive to ridicule Idealism.

Nader once again presents an interesting conundrum.

25 February, 2008 05:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Nader in 2004 simply because I couldn't bring myself to push the button for either Bush or Kerry. As soon as Kerry won the nomination, I predicted his loss. That election was the Dems' to lose and they successfully did it in their inimitable style.

This time around, I'll be voting for the Democrat because I don't want any Republican getting into office for another cycle right now.

25 February, 2008 15:14  
Blogger concerned citizen said...

Nader does represent something important in politics that I frankly don't want to see lost.
I feel the same way as the chaplain & IMO the current movement toward Obama is based on this idealism/pragmatism compromise.

27 February, 2008 05:23  
Blogger Kris McCracken said...

I'm still holding out for Ross Perot to have another crack at it!

02 March, 2008 17:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, that's a thought -- equal-but-opposite ego-tripping narcissists on each side might simply cancel each other out in the electoral algebra.

Though I still think Ron Paul is the most likely right-wing Nader equivalent, especially if he loses the Republican nomination for that Congressional seat in Texas.....

03 March, 2008 05:50  

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