18 January 2008

Link roundup for 18 January 2008

This must be the most wonderful panel ever to appear in a Jack Chick tract.

Check out this edible art.

The Ron Paul Survival Report has more newsletters, and a flyer.

Is Huckabee a Reconstructionist? Stephen Bainbridge and Andrew Sullivan make the case. Sullivan also calls out Huckabee for his Biblical inconsistency. RCP says he can't win the nomination; I wish that I could be equally confident. Here's my own take on this extraordinary and frightening man -- and never forget this.

The rather low turnout for the Republican primaries and caucuses (compared to the mostly very high figures on the Democratic side) betrays poor morale and lack of enthusiasm. The party's prospects in the Senate look dismal. The GOP's strongest general-election candidate is turkeying out. The Republicans are divided, and this seasoned British observer of US politics thinks they're crazy. But our victory is not inevitable.

Sadly No digs up some really ugly stuff from the National Review in the fifties and sixties.

Mother Jones takes a look at tomorrow's Nevada caucus.

Democrats must pay attention to the working class. Note: I agree strongly with the views of Artur Davis and Martin Luther King Jr. cited at the end of the essay. Dividing the working class by race (as the essay itself bafflingly does) does not serve its interests, but rather the interests of its enemies.

The New York Sun assesses Obama's views on Israel -- he's much better on the issue than we've been led to believe.

Barney Frank has some sensible thoughts on laissez-faire.

Norman Podhoretz talks sense about Iran.

Matthew Hiasl Pan has lost his battle for legal personhood.

Is the United States heading for a female-dominated economy?

The claim that "intelligent design" is somehow different from plain old creationism is exposed as a flagrant lie.

Minnesota scientists craft a beating heart. Combined with stem cells, the same technique could someday produce made-to-order human organs for transplant.

DNA is helping nanotechnology march forward toward the vision of Drexler and Kurzweil.

Finally, here's an uplifting thought for the day.

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The masterblurber link is great! I'm still processing it.

"coming upon someone" is pretty darn funny, too.

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