13 January 2008

Link roundup for 13 January 2008

Russian hackers make an amusing discovery.

Are we sure he quit drinking?

Australians are the masters at inventing new words (and the BBC apparently doesn't know the difference between a contraction and an acronym).

The Catholic Church, presumably in an effort to show that it is determined to help confront the problems of the modern world, has announced a new emphasis on exorcisms. Don't laugh. The man in this picture sure looks demonically-possessed to me!

Not to be outdone in the race back toward the Dark Ages, Mike Huckabee babbles incoherently (or maybe I should say "speaks in tongues"?) about evolution (found via Pharyngula). Again, don't laugh. The man has won a very high-level endorsement.

Check out the plans for what will soon be the largest building in the world -- Crystal Island.

It's no surprise that Muslims and Slavs don't get along -- an honor-killing-and-headscarf culture doesn't have much in common with a vodka-and-miniskirt culture, after all. But it's kind of weird that this fight is happening in Yorkshire.

Violent crime drives away tourists (well, duh.....). If you want subtropical beaches, next time try Hawaii.

Sam Harris discusses the indifference of nature in an essay which shows transhumanist leanings (found via Ordinary Girl).

George Dvorsky posts a fascinating transhumanist view of gender.

California scientists have developed an astonishingly-promising treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali reviews a new book on Islamic imperialism.

Ms. Magazine disgraces itself.

George Will laments the disarray among Republicans. Those who favor our side will enjoy this video (read comments too).

As Ron Paul circles the drain, here's commentary from Virginia Postrel, David Frum, and Glenn Reynolds. And there's actually a blog for people who are annoyed with Paul.

Here's all the analysis you could ever want of New Hampshire and its implications for the future, and I think Charles Krauthammer has some good points about Obama here. This article takes a look at the Nevada race, while this cartoon from our local newspaper sums up the embarrassment of the media after New Hampshire.

We're seeing a shameful tactic to divide Democrats: unfounded accusations of racism. Here's evidence that the New Hampshire result was not due to racism.

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Blogger Rita said...

Wow! you really get around!

I am glad I deleted that picture of my breast I so spontaneously inserted into my post last night.

The devil made me do it!!! hee hee

13 January, 2008 08:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Wow! you really get around!

I'm an eclectic reader. Actually, some of that stuff is links that various people send me.

I deleted that picture of my breast


The devil made me do it!!! hee hee

O Dark Lord Satan, I beseech thee, let Thy spirit move Thy handmaiden to further moments of generous abandon.....

13 January, 2008 10:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Infidel!



13 January, 2008 19:17  

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