23 January 2008

A conservative's dire warning

Columnist Marie Jon' warns us all of the horrors that lie in store if the left gains the Presidency:

Listen to Hillary Clinton who has just now "found her voice." At least progressives are honest when it comes to telling us what they want for America. Liberals will only be content when they live in the world envisioned by socialist billionaire George Soros. They are hell-bent on changing the United States into another Sweden.

You have to admit that's a pretty scary thought. Sweden is such a horrible place to live in, after all. We'd better vote instead for the Republicans -- who want to change the United States into another Iran.



Blogger Rita said...

That was a fascinating article.

After reading what the lovely Marie Jon' had to say & looking at Alan Keyes Bio over at Wikipedia. They all sound like a bunch of assholes(for lack of a better word). Of course they are all good christians, too! Go figure. I'm happy to see them expose their true characters in print. It just makes me more determined to vote Democrat.

23 January, 2008 08:20  
Blogger Unknown said...


High literacy rate? Nah, wouldn't want that.

High standard of living? Who needs it?

Nature conservation, environmental protection, and energy efficiency? Overrated!

Equality? No way!

Of course Sweden isn't all flowers and honey, but they do some things better. I certainly wouldn't compare Sweden negatively.

23 January, 2008 08:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote for the candidate that the Republican Party chooses.

Well, at least the Republican party is there to rescue us not only from becoming another Sweden, but from letting our churches or *gasp* our own selves decide who to vote for.

24 January, 2008 21:20  

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