08 December 2007

E-mail problem?

My Blogger account is set up to e-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment, but during this week several e-mails failed to arrive (so if your comments were slow to appear, that's the reason). It seems to be OK now. I don't know whether the problem was with Blogger or my e-mail system, so if you sent me an e-mail this week and are puzzled that I didn't respond, please re-send.


Blogger Plonka said...

Don't worry Infidel, your system is fine. It was definitely blogger, all last week...

08 December, 2007 17:43  
Blogger The Exterminator said...

Blogger was at fault. It seems to be fixed now, though.

08 December, 2007 20:07  
Blogger John Evo said...

Yep, I agree. While my comments do go straight up on the blog, I have it set to ALSO email me (so that I never miss a comment - especially effective on older posts). Anyway, like you said Infidel, A number of the emails that should have come through to me never did.

08 December, 2007 22:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the info. What's actually more annoying is that they've screwed up their comment forms so that I no longer have the option of typing in "Infidel753" as a nickname and hyperlinking it back to the site rather than the profile, like I can on non-Blogger comment systems. It doesn't look like they're ever going to fix that, though.

09 December, 2007 04:14  

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