27 October 2007

Video break

Here's a music video as topical as it is disturbing: The Hills of Los Angeles Are Burning.

Fascist dictators are hot! Putin of Russia does have his admirers. This lady sings (Ya khochu) Takogo kak Putin -- "(I want) Someone like Putin".

Bill Maher takes the mickey out of the recent Republican "values voter" summit/inquisition.

This German optometrist ad would be unlikely to air on American TV. Note: Brille nötig? means "Need glasses?"

For an overdose of cute, check out this lost kitten's mini-meows calling mama cat to the rescue.

And I refuse to spoil this one by trying to describe it in advance. Just go, and watch. Now.

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Thanks for the link to Yikes!


29 October, 2007 07:00  

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