27 October 2007

Murdered for being an atheist

Here's a nasty story from Michigan. Note in particular the behavior of the murderer's family.



Blogger mendip said...

'Tis a pity Rome ran out of lions...

27 October, 2007 11:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's horrible, the murder. Why did those being harassed have to be escorted here and there, like they were criminals, rather than the others being dispersed or arrested?

27 October, 2007 18:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

There are certain privileges which come with belonging to the majority religion. If it had been atheists or pagans harassing Christians in a similar fashion, I suspect that the response of the authorities might have been rather different.

27 October, 2007 18:53  
Blogger tina FCD said...

This happened in my state. I couldn't believe how the family and the people that went there to support them were treated. The religious people turned their crosses around to hang on their backs...that's just weird! My son blogged about this on Ungodly Cynic.

05 November, 2007 07:21  
Blogger B.R. said...

Mendip got it right the first time. If only the Romans had looked up from their debauches, and considered the monster the were rearing(thanks, Constantine, you jerk).

03 June, 2011 18:25  

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