09 October 2007

Link roundup for 9 October 2007

Sixty leading scientists were asked to rank their favorite science-fiction movies. They made a superbly perceptive choice for #1.

Ironwolf has a great collection of quotes on the subject of sin.

Yet another Republican has been caught engaging in sordid sexual solicitation in a public place. Update: see also the strange and sad story of Rev. Gary Aldridge, especially the link with the text "what police discovered".

The latest toxic Chinese export item is Boy Scout badges.

Check out this intriguing survey (by a Christian website) of young Americans' attitudes about Christianity. Among Americans aged 16-to-29, not only are a startling 40% "outsiders" to Christianity, but their attitude toward Christianity is much more critical and hostile than that of any previous generation. And even among Christians within that age group, "many of the negative images generated significant traction." American culture has become significantly more hostile to Christianity than it was even a mere ten years ago.

Here's another example of why we're not getting honest reporting about Iraq.

The Group News Blog has a frightening but informative posting up about stalking.

Behold the official logo of the 2008 Republican convention -- and take some time to savor the comments.

More info is emerging about last month's Israeli raid on Syria. The Bush administration does not come out of this looking very good.

The Muslim presence in Britain is fueling an upsurge in creationist belief which threatens to undermine the teaching of evolution.

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