30 August 2007

The color out of.....China

Now it's paint sets imported from China that have been found to present a possible health risk -- story here. (And that's not even counting any possible brain effects from viewing the garish paint job on the toy store depicted.)

Link sent by Mendip, who comments: "There seems to be a difference between this country and China. Here, we have had fellows like George Washington Carver creating dozens of products just from peanuts. In China, they have the same type of person, but they’re doing it with lead, rat poison, etc. It’s ironic that the so-called Communists of that land seem unaware or in opposition to many of the points brought up in Sinclair’s “The Jungle”, (which was supposed to be propaganda for a Socialistic change in America). We have several excellent Asian groceries in our area that my wife and I used to frequent, (there are various moderate to large populations of various Eastern nationalities in Northern Virginia), and we’ve pulled away – aware that none of this stuff is really being checked, there or here. I’m now hesitant to even eat at a Chinese restaurant!"


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