21 June 2007

Quote for the day

"What leaves me cold is the notion that we have gone at it with years of half-measures. We have worried more about civilian casualties than winning. We have worried more about detainees' rights than winning. We have worried more about world opinion than winning. Tell me when this president comes to the American people and says: 'Wars are long and bloody and hard. If you think it's been tough to swallow so far, what happens next will be particularly hard to swallow.' Then we begin to fight a real war. Since so few know what that really means, I'll spell it out: It means killing enough of the enemy that they lose the will to fight. Period. From the Revolutionary War through the World Wars to Gulf War I, that's how we've won every victory we have achieved. When we have not won - Korea, Vietnam, the current war - it has been because we have failed to grasp war's most basic tenet: You must vanquish the enemy wholly, decisively and without remorse."

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