30 June 2007

A break from serious things

Due to preoccupation with the amnesty-bill fight, I've been neglecting other topics. I'll be getting back to them. In the meantime, here are a few "lighter" items.

Republic of Sestakastan posts the chilling Origin of Ann Coulter (found via Zaius Nation).

Dr. Zaius also posts this collection of Dick Cheney jokes.

Samurai Frog has finished his epic work, The Bible Summarized by a Smartass.

Cox & Forkum, like most of us, are getting tired of Islamic rage.

Are these pics for real? Sperm donation in China (NSFW).

On the Pacific island of Vanuatu, there is a religion which worships Prince Philip (a member of the British royal family) as a god.

Does Vladimir Putin pay his security men in counterfeit money?

Finally, one source of unintentional humor on the internet is Conservapedia, a sort of bargain-basement version of Wikipedia for the flaming-nutjob fundamentalist crowd. For a taste of the thing, check out its article on dinosaurs.



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