18 May 2007


The Senate has reached agreement on an amnesty for illegal aliens.

The Bush Republicans, whom one would expect to stand up for American national sovereignty, and the Democrats, whom one would expect to stand up for the American workers who suffer most from the effects of illegal immigration, have stabbed the country in the back.

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, always a strong voice on this issue, has all the details here and here and a report on earlier amnesties here, and will probably continue to put up new postings frequently. PJM has more here. More here, including ideas for how to the amnesty might be stopped.

It doesn't matter that the agreement includes fines, a "touchback", or various provisions for future enforcement (which experience shows are unlikely to be implemented effectively). On the key issue -- the permanent removal of illegal aliens -- the agreement is a surrender. Despite various obstacles, most of the existing illegals will eventually be offered a chance to stay in the US legally. There is no provision for harsh penalties for employers who hire current illegals, the best method for encouraging them to leave.

This problem is not beyond our inability to solve, as expressed by a commenter here:

It's not a complex problem. Build a physical fence all along the southern border. Spend enough money to condemn and purchase the necessary land, and to erect an effective fence. If that's 10-million dollars a mile, we're looking at about 20-billion total. Chump change. Make illegal entry into this country a felony. Round up and deport illegal aliens. Verification of immigration status can be made a routine part of every traffic stop. Deny federal funds to any municipality that calls itself a "sanctuary". Make knowingly employing an illegal alien a felony with mandatory prison time. When the jobs dry up, most illegals will deport themselves. Amend the constitution to end birth-right citizenship. Problem solved. All these steps are "do-able". We just need to to them. The president will need to go on television and say, "All those pictures the media is showing you of train-loads of weeping, miserable people being taken to the border? Those pictures are a great deterrent to future immigration criminals. We will persevere."

With this President, of course, we'll never see that.

There is a very broad consensus on this issue -- for views from some left-leaning bloggers, see Temple Whore and Chell (and see numerous earlier posts on her site).

Probably the only thing that can derail this monstrosity now is concerted mass action by the American people. Don't worry that you may find yourself, on this one question, on the same side as people you have nothing else in common with. This issue is more important than such differences. Send the Senate a clear message. Build the border fence. Tough employer sanctions. No amnesty.

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Blogger Bill Yarbrough said...

yes. yes. yes. succinct and well articulated. thank you.

18 May, 2007 10:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sickening, isn't it? Our own government dismantling all types of our security, handing everything Americans have worked for to illegal aliens on a silver platter. Thank you for the link. I've been reading some of the posts you noted, and it's good to know so many legal US residents truly value this country. Yet sad that our government, instead of listening, will cater to the crooks.

18 May, 2007 11:57  

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