09 April 2007

European views on Iran

This poll is very interesting. The most obvious point is that a majority (even if a narrow one) of citizens of EU member states support an airstrike on Iran if necessary to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. This shows that, once again, the timidity and political correctness of the ruling elites of those countries does not reflect the actual views of their people. The breakdown of opinion country-by-country, however, is also of interest.

The article lists Germany, Italy, Slovakia, and Spain as countries where majority public opinion opposes an airstrike -- all of these being countries which were members of, or sympathetic to, the Axis at the time of the original Holocaust. Countries named as having majorities favoring the airstrike include the World-War-II-era anti-Axis nations of Britain, France, and Denmark -- with Denmark, whose citizens managed to save most of their Jewish population during the original Holocaust (at considerable risk to themselves), being the country with the highest level of support for pre-emptive action to prevent a second, nuclear Holocaust today.

One probably shouldn't read too much into this, but still.....

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