29 March 2007

Exploding-whale roundup

Taiwan 2004 (found via Boys Wear Pants) -- the article also reveals a curious fascination with whale penis size.

Oregon 1970 as immortalized by the inimitable Dave Barry. Includes a link to the video; if it's too big to download or you don't have Quicktime, here it is on YouTube.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bizarre. And gross! 60 tons of decaying whale all over everything... eeeewe! Why did they wait so long, since January, to examine it? Well, like the article says, a lesson learned. I wonder what the mens' fascination with the whale's penis is. Surprising they aren't just wowed by the entire 60 ton whale. That's just odd.

Dial-up limits my internet video watching, but the description of the second one was vivid enough- lol! It's surprising that the plan failed in such a bad way. Seemed like a good enough idea. *shrugs*

29 March, 2007 22:14  

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