08 February 2007

A Presidential candidate takes a stand

One candidate has expressed strong support for a newspaper which is in legal trouble for publishing the famous Danish Muhammad cartoons -- and he's getting flak from the Islamists over it.

Unfortunately for us, he's not one of ours, but rather Nicolas Sarkozy, a candidate for President of France.

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Blogger Larry Hamelin said...

Sarkozy has my support and approval, as does publisher Philippe Val.

Muslims have every right to be offended, even outraged, by negative depictions of them, and they're welcome to use the same freedom of speech to express that outrage as Val uses to publish his caricature.

Whether Val's comments are true or false, the cure for speech you oppose is more speech, never government censorship.

08 February, 2007 16:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Exactly so. If freedom of expression can be limited every time somebody gets outraged about something, it will vanish completely -- for everyone, on all sides.

09 February, 2007 03:01  

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