03 February 2007

A little touch of class

From the Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary, 2006, "Russian Life and Culture" supplement, p. 414:

"Mat -- foul language. This includes all the numerous derivatives of the words [Russian expletives deleted -- Infidel753]. In informal situations, these taboo words are very common among people with a low social status, whereas cultured, well-educated, and well-brought-up people (almost) never use them. Traditionally, it is considered unacceptable to utter any of the four words of mat in front of women or children, and using mat in public is a violation of the law. Violators are liable to a fine (of £10 to £30 approximately, in 2005) or, in exceptional cases, they can even be prosecuted."

Yes, you read that right -- you can actually be fined for swearing in public over there. So in one small way, the Russians are more civilized than we are.



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