01 January 2007

Ten things I HOPE will happen in 2007

(1) In the US, the strident hard-line conservatives who spew hatred and contempt for liberals in general, and the strident hard-line liberals who spew hatred and contempt for conservatives in general, will both be marginalized, and more centrist figures on both sides will start to rekindle an emphasis on national unity in place of the present toxic political atmosphere.

(2) Giuliani will decide to run for President.

(3) The Russian people will tire of Mafia-style government and bring about their own Orange Revolution, finally bringing Russia into close alignment with the West, where it belongs.

(4) The US government, under pressure from public opinion, will finally adopt effective measures on illegal immigration -- tough employer sanctions and a full-length barrier at the border.

(5) Britain and Ireland will leave the European Union, encouraging several eastern European countries to follow suit.

(6) The US government will stop denying and obfuscating the issue of human-caused global warming and start leading the world toward policies and technologies to solve the problem.

(7) The North Korean government will collapse or be overthrown from within.

(8) The US will take decisive action against the Iranian nuclear program, thus saving Israel and probably the whole Middle East from catastrophe.

(9) The Iraqi government will announce that its forces are ready to deal with the insurgency on their own, allowing Western troops to go home at last.

(10) A swarm of precision-targeted, appropriate-sized meteors will simultaneously destroy every mosque and fundamentalist church on the planet. (Hey, I can dream, OK? If this actually happens, I promise to start believing in a benevolent higher power.)


Blogger X_LA_Native said...

It'll be interesting, even six months from now, to look through the "Hope" and "Likely" lists. The optimist in me leans heavily towards the former, but the cynic is leaning towards the latter. I hope the optimist wins.

01 January, 2007 20:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I do plan to revisit these lists from time to time as the year wears on, and see which items actually happen.

Of course, the one prediction which is always guaranteed to come true is: "Something very important, which nobody predicted, will happen".

That's gotta be the world's tiniest flamingo. Genetic engineering?

01 January, 2007 21:53  

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