13 December 2006

The advocates of death

This guy wants you to die! And so does the President's Council on Bioethics! And they intend to use the power of the US federal government to make sure that you do. True evil.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please understand that I would never try to impose my own preferences on someone else (other than as a parent, in raising my own kids). If someone wants to live forever, and if they can take a pill to do so, so be it. I would not want to though, not unless a "celestial being" (no, not the type released on airplanes) made it happen. ;)

Probably I should get off m' lazy butt and do some searching and reading, but perhaps you have some ideas. What would happen to the human population if such a pill (just an example, since many things could extend life and comfort) existed? And to the resources we consume? Do you think the human birthrate would decline? If so, do you think it would be due to people choosing not to have children, or because of something else?

This was another interesting post, Infidel. :)

*crosses fingers that blogger will play nice*

13 December, 2006 20:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Chell, thanks for reading. A proper response to this would really be longer than what I'd want to put in the comments system, so I'll add a posting about it.

14 December, 2006 02:32  

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