12 November 2006

Demonization backfires

This makes a lot of sense:

".....the war against terrorism has turned into an ideological war against Democrats. They seem to believe that we can only fight terrorists by fighting Democrats.

This strategy, treating half of America as the 'enemy' didn't work when the Democrats tried it, why should it work when the Republicans try it? I avoided voting for Democrats two years ago because many treated half of the American population as the enemy. Now some Republicans and former centrists are doing the same thing."

I'm not even a leftist, as any real leftist who reads my material will tell you, and I found the hysterical screeching about evil, stupid, terrorist-loving "Dhimmicrats" by some right-wingers in the run-up to the election to be absolutely wearisome and disgusting. It may well have been a deciding factor for some centrist voters.



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