15 September 2006

More pop music

Here's Russia's Glukoza again, energetic as ever.

Here's Katya Lel, also from Russia (found via Evil Bobby, apparently also a fan of eastern European pop music).

And I liked this Israeli version of the same song.

On a rather different note, here's Laibach, a group from Slovenia, though they mostly sing in German. The obviously fascist-inspired imagery and lyrics such as "Amerika noch Feinde" (America still enemies) are disconcerting. Some say it's meant as parody.

Somewhat surprisingly, they also have a cover version of "Across the Universe".

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Blogger Tedj said...

I much preffer Russian Pop to teh AMerican shtuff we've got over here. Now that Paris Hilton is on teh airwaves. .... Blech!

16 September, 2006 10:21  

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