05 September 2006

Absolutely disgusting

Certain "organizations" in Europe are compiling "evidence" to "charge" Israeli military officers and political leaders with "war crimes" related to Israel's recent efforts to defend itself against attacks by Hizbullah in Lebanon. (Found via Atlas Shrugs.)

These organizations do not appear to be affiliated with any government, but there have been cases in the past where Israeli officers were threatened with arrest, and Israel has cautioned its military personnel against visiting certain countries.

I have yet to hear of such organizations compiling evidence against leaders or fighters of Syria, the Palestinian Authority (long funded by the EU), Hizbullah, or Hizbullah's sponsor Iran, for all the kidnappings, rocket attacks on towns, suicide bombings targeting random civilians, placing of military equipment in civilian areas (thus endangering those civilians), and other atrocities for which they are responsible. No, they target the country which goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid harming enemy noncombatants while fighting back against the thugs who are trying to destroy it. As always, Israel is held to one standard and its enemies to another (if any).

I don't think there's any ambiguity about the reason for this. The revenant monster of anti-Semitism is stalking the old continent again, gaining strength with every slanted news article from the Middle East and every political speech or action obfuscating the distinction between the terrorists and their target. (This particular article is about Britain, but from what I've read, the situation in France, Germany, and some of the other countries is at least as bad.)

Any country whose police or courts actually harass or threaten Israelis on the basis of this nonsense needs to be publicly rebuked by the United States, and no American should spend his tourist dollars there.

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